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Hawaiian Vacation (2011) - animation / comedy
Ken and Barbie plan a romantic get-away to a tropical paradise.
 3265h 0r
The Unappreciated Joke (1903) - comedy
The Unappreciated Joke: Scene, interior of a street-car. A stout man enters and sits down alongside of a friend and proceeds to read a comic paper. He shows a joke in the paper to his friend, and the both laugh heartily. The friend leaves the car, and his absence is not noted by the stout man. An elderly matron takes the seat. Without looking up the stout man shoves the paper in front of the face of the old lady, thinking his friend is still there. He goes into a fit of laughter over the joke, punching her in the ribs with his thumb, and slapping her on the knee. She becomes very much embarrassed and indignant. She shakes him by the shoulder, he looks around, discovers his mistake, and sinks through the floor.
 1563h 0r
Lucy Must Be Traded Charlie Brown (2003) - animation / comedy / family
Lucy Must Be Traded Charlie Brown: It's not easy managing a baseball team...especially when your team has lost 900 games in a row. But when manager Charlie Brown has the opportunity to trade his worst player, Lucy, he thinks his fortunes might finally change. Will Lucy's replacement, Marcie, lead the team to victory...or is Charlie Brown doomed to suffer another season of defeat?
 5149h 0r
Cosa Bella (2006) - drama
A young married woman's life takes a radical turn when, what she thinks is a passing sexual encounter with her beautiful college roommate, turns into a life altering love affair.
 4305h 0r
Portal No Escape (2011) - action / sci-fi
A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there… set in the world of the Portal video games….
 4568h 0r
The Great Outdoors (1988) - comedy
A Chicago man's hope for a peaceful family vacation in the woods is shattered when the annoying in-laws drop in.
 8027h 0r
Penguins Of Madagascar - Operation Vacation (2012) - animation
Those cheeky penguins from the MADAGASCAR films return for all-new adventures in this family friendly spin-off - OPERATION VACATION..
 2227h 0r
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters (2011) - animation
Po and the Furious Five uncover the legend of three of kung fu's greatest heroes: Master Thundering Rhino, Master Storming Ox, and Master Croc..
 2608h 0r
A Mouse In The House (1947) - comedy / animation / family / short
Mammy Two-Shoes tells Tom and Butch that the cat who gets rid of the icebox-raiding, breadbox-invading mouse (Jerry) is the one who can stay.
 3198h 0r
A Short Film About John Bolton (2003) - short
A documentary film crew takes a look at the inspiration behind artist John Bolton's painting.
 2095h 0r
 2380h 0r
American Lawless (2012) - drama / western / short
The year is 2112. The United States is a divided country recovering from the results of a second civil war...
 4025h 0r
Bacon Grabbers (1929) - comedy / short
Stan & Ollie find work as debt collectors. Their first assignment is to collect a late payment on a radio set...
 1946h 0r
Balance (1989) - drama / animation / short
The setting is on a floating platform where a group of evenly and carefully placed men live. Each man is aware that the platform is not stable and in order not to fall to their deaths...
 3831h 0r
 2953h 0r
Bellatrix (2010) - horror / thriller / short
This is the tale of Catherine/Bellatrix (Kathy Pefferkorn) whose childhood was one of privilege, but after the death of her mother...
 3070h 0r
Billy's Dad Is A Fudge-Packer (2004) - comedy / short
In this, her first non acting effort, writer/director Jamie Donahue parodies the 1950's high school educational film.
 2336h 0r
Birthday Suit (2010) - comedy / short
A man at the outset of a mid-life crisis lets his inner voice take over when his family seemingly forgets his 40th birthday.
 2606h 0r
Black Inside: The Remington Wallace Burnett Story (2008) - comedy / short
Remington Wallace Burnett is a closeted African American who must tell the world...that he is black.
 2505h 0r
Black Ken (2008) - comedy / short
Barbie, Chritsie & Smurfette are having a fun girls night out...that is until Elmo arrives
 3699h 0r
Breaking In (2008) - comedy / mystery / short
Two young girls get caught breaking in to an Art Gallery, and try to convince a detective what they were really up to.
 2677h 0r
Buzz-Killer (2011) - drama / comedy / romance / short
This is on-line dating gone awry. But luckily, neither Josiphyne nor Larry knew what happened.
 2604h 0r
Cafe On A Staircase (2010) - fantasy / mystery / short
Life changing connections can seem unusual, unpredictable and threatening when we don't have control...
 2006h 0r
Call Of The Cuckoo (1927) - comedy / short
Mishaps befall a new home owner (Davidson) located next door to an insane asylum.
 2613h 0r
Capsule (2010) - action / sci-fi / short
Two astronauts struggle to stay alive as their crashed space capsule slowly runs out of oxygen.
 2460h 0r
Capture (2010) - fantasy / short
Capture is an unusual quartet, a woman, a Gorilla, fantasy and truth.
 2288h 0r
Cat Fishin' (1947) - comedy / animation / family / short
Tom is a feline fisherman, Jerry is his live bait, and Spike is the bulldog guarding the lake.
 2121h 0r
Charlie Brown's All Stars! (1966) - comedy / animation / short
When his team is offered membership in the Little League, Charlie Brown finds he must make a difficult moral decision.
 2445h 0r
Claws (2011) - action / adventure / horror / short
Follows a group of young friends who set out into the Canadian wilderness to find the father of one of their number, who has disappeared while hunting down the legendary Yakatutch.
 3148h 0r
County Hospital (1932) - comedy / short
In the hospital with a broken leg Ollie is visited by Stan, who brings him hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and total mayhem.
 1743h 0r
Courage (2011) - action / adventure / short
It's 1870 in northwest Texas. After a bloody shootout in a hole-in-the-wall saloon, Texas Jack Slater...
 4392h 0r
Cromwell (2011) - drama / thriller / short
An emotionally repressed U.S. Marshal must confront her alter ego in the form of a roughneck female truck driver accused of killing a hitch-hiker.
 2818h 0r
Cursed 3: Rulers Of The Darkness (2011) - drama / horror / short
Several weeks have passed since a brutal, ritualistic murder occurred in a quiet town. Ever since then...
 2186h 0r
Dantes Inferno Animated (2010) - animation / short
Tells the story of Dante Alighieri's journey through Hell, based on his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.
 1851h 0r
Das Tub (2010) - action / short
A Submarine Drama of Domestic Proportions
 2760h 0r
Day Of Silence (DOFS) (2012) - drama / short
Gerry Orz is 9-year old. His latest work is a moving film Day of Silence where main character, Adam Syder, is dealing with bullying at school while trying to protect his sister and support his gay parents.
 1849h 0r
Dear Phone (1976) - short
A narrator relates a variety of peculiar stories involving characters with the initials HC and their dealings with telephones...
 1686h 0r
Divorcees (2010) - drama / comedy / mystery / short
'Divorcees' is a 13 minute silent film by Michael Lee Nirenberg. 'Divorcees' takes...
 3025h 0r
Do Detectives Think? (1927) - comedy / short
An escaped convict is out to kill the judge who sentenced him. Two inept detectives are hired to guard the judge.
 1445h 0r
Dog Trouble (1942) - comedy / animation / family / short
Tom's chasing Jerry when he runs, literally, right into the sleeping (and quite nasty) dog later known as Spike
 2060h 0r
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