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Beyond Scared Straight - reality / crime
Profiles a new approach to keeping today’s teens from becoming tomorrow’s prisoners. The power of the original Scared Straight! program has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programs in men’s and women’s prisons across the country. And in many dramatic ways, these 21st Century programs are very different, because today’s youth need a different approach – a combination of confrontation, information and communication to try to reach these at-risk kids. These youthful offender programs put boys and girls of all ethnicities, ranging in age from 11-18, into intensive one-day in-prison sessions that show them the realities of life behind bars.
 15599h 0r
Undercover Boss Australia - reality
Undercover Boss Australia: Top executives from high profile Australian businesses go undercover to see first hand how the front line part of their business operates. They will discover areas that need improvement, and undercover employees whose work ethic and potential needs to be rewarded.
 7333h 0r
Whale Wars: Viking Shores - reality / action / adventure / documentary / drama / war
WHALE WARS: VIKING SHORES, a new five-part series beginning Friday, April 27 at 9 PM (et/pt) follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they set sail to end an ancient tradition known as "The Grind" that takes place every summer in the Faroe Islands.
 7683h 0r
Say Yes to the Dress - Big Bliss - reality
Taped inside premier bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal, each half-hour episode follows the emotional journey of plus-size brides as they shop to fulfill their dream dress fantasy.
 12255h 0r
Jesse James: Outlaw Garage - reality
The master fabricator is back! Jesse has closed West Coast Choppers and sold everything to do with it. Jesse, tired of California and no longer happy living there, has moved himself and his family to Austin Texas and bought into Austin Speed Shop. This series is all about fabricating awesome hot rods. Production is not about quantity but all about quality. Jesse also has a shop at home where he fabricates items that are not capable of being fabricated at the main shop. Jesse also teaches and challenges the crew at Austin Speed Shop. Enjoy watching one of the greatest fabricators and imaginations on the planet!
 3968h 0r
Sons of Guns - reality
Will Hayden runs Red Jacket, the nation's most unique weapons business. From guns to knives to swords to cannons, Will sells, trades, buys, builds and customizes them all. When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or re-stringing a bow to hunt swamp gators, he can be found in his Louisiana Bayou shop swapping gossip with his customers that range from housewives to members of the SWAT team. Will, his daughter Stephanie, and the rest of his crew, race to keep up with the demands of their clientèle and turn out top notch weapons. But whether it's having a lunch break shooting contest, going on a nighttime bayou bow fishing trip or field testing a fully automatic M2 .50 caliber machine gun, viewers will catch the Red Jacket team always finding time to have some fun.
 18135h 0r
Must Love Cats - reality
From cats that saved their owners' lives to swanky cat-only hotels, the series spans the realm of all things "cat." It offers a potpourri of amazing feline stories, jam-packed with interesting factoids and trivia bits. The show is hosted by musician John Fulton, who combines his love for ditties with kitties. He is on a mission to prove to himself and the world that America is filled-- north to south, east to west: with cat lovers, and is in fact a Cat-nation.
 7745h 0r
Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami - reality
Sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are ready to take center stage in the sizzling new series Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. Following recent public breakups, the girls have decided to seek out a fresh start and head to sunny Florida to open a new Dash boutique. Despite being away from their outrageous family for the first time, this drama-filled duo is determined to take their new surroundings by storm. Beautiful sandy beaches and a notorious nightlife scene prove to be distracting as the girls struggle to stay focused on getting their new store off the ground. Also, when Khloé is offered a chance to host her own late night local radio talk show, the gig puts a strain on the sisters' relationship as Khloe tries to juggle it all. Will the girls be able to handle the heat - or are they bound to get burned?
 8469h 0r
Mob Wives - reality
Chronicles the lives of four struggling "allegedly" associated women who have to pick up the pieces and carry on after their husbands or fathers do time for Mob-related activities.
 30143h 0r
Haunted Collector - reality
Ghosts and spirits inhabit more than just homes and buildings -- they can also live in objects. John Zaffis and his family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, the items are collected and stored in their museum, helping John's clients bring normalcy back to their lives.
 10279h 0r
World's Worst Tenants - reality
aka: Worlds Worst Tenants
For anyone with a nightmare neighbor, professional evictor and notorious tough guy Todd Howard is their savior. In "World's Worst Tenants", Howard confronts the most despicable, dirty, outrageous, dangerous and insane tenants imaginable and forcibly removes them. He and his eviction team consisting of his wife, Randye, and his business partner, Rick, are hired to keep tabs on over 150 residential, commercial and retail units. Howard, who works in tandem with local law enforcement, is a former U.S. Marine who can back up his tough talk, if need be. When Howard and his team knock on the door, they never know what to expect and what kind of story will play out on the other side. If a situation gets violent, Howard is willing and able to take charge and gain control of the situation, even if it means using his legally concealed weapon.
 11107h 0r
Wedding Wars - reality
Engaged couples compete to win their ultimate wedding. The grand prize is a $100,000 wedding and a $25,000 nest egg. The contestants live in a similar conditions as CBS' Survivor. There is a gift challenge, in which couples compete in competitions and the winner wins a prize for their wedding, such as bouquets, tuxedos, and wedding dresses. There is also a security challenge, in which couples compete in competitions and the winner is safe from elimination. The winner of the security challenge receives a cake-topper (a mock-up model of the couple). The couples then go to Couple's Chapel, a ceremony where couples vote off other couples, and the couple with the most votes is eliminated. The show is hosted by Michele Merkin.
 5755h 0r
Truck Stop Missouri - reality
Take I-70 to the middle of America and you find Midway. With 12 businesses on 1 lot, this is a truck stop and whole lot more! Sure, you can fuel up and grab a bite, but how about getting a tattoo, some antiques and more fireworks than you can fit in an 18-wheeler? Midway's got it all! A quick detour for some, a destination for others, this truck stop is a true revolving door of characters with personalities and stories to match.
 4516h 0r
The Real L Word - reality
A nine episode one-hour series that follows a group of real-life Los Angeles lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play.
 52484h 0r
The Next Iron Chef - reality / competition
Each season of The Next Iron Chef is a stand-alone competition to select a chef to be designated an Iron Chef,
who will appear on the Food Network program Iron Chef America.
 13382h 0r
 4193h 0r
The Colony - reality
aka: The Colony (US)
What would you do in the wake of a global catastrophe? How would you find the very basics of survival: food, water and shelter? The Colony is a controlled experiment that attempts to determine exactly what it would take to survive and rebuild a functioning new society when the world we've grown accustomed to has been destroyed.

In The Colony, a group of 10 volunteers whose backgrounds and expertise represent a cross-section of modern society, are isolated for two months in an urban environment in downtown Los Angeles and tasked with creating a livable society. With no electricity, no running water and no communication with the outside world, all they have to work with are their skills and whatever tools and supplies they scavenge from their surroundings.
 21279h 0r
The City - reality
Whitney Port (from _"Hills, The" (2006)_ ) leaves California for New York City, to work as an image coordinator for the design house of Diane Von Furstenberg.
 21847h 0r
 6825h 0r
Swamp Brothers - reality
Way down south is a place that was once thought to be a dismal land fit only for alligators and snakes. It's wet, it's dangerous and it's weird. Which means it's perfect for one of the most unique family businesses in the country. Meet a different breed of brothers. One's an animal expert. The other's a former city slicker who's learning the ropes. Together they are running a business uniquely suited for the swamp - where wild animals rule. From pythons and gators to bobcats and black bears - these guys encounter it all. Stephen and Robbie Keszey run Glades Herp Farms, Florida's largest reptile sanctuary and exotic reptile dealership. Their farm also houses Florida's International Teaching Zoo. The Zoo is full of rare species from around the globe and brings in a constant stream of new and different animals each month. The brothers make their living breeding and caring for hundreds of slithering, poisonous and sharp-toothed creatures, but their passion is being on call 24 hours a day to respond to animal emergencies across the vast state of Florida.
 6395h 0r
Stuck with Hackett - reality
Chris Hackett prides himself on his ability to create modern technology from junk piles, dumpsters and even compost heaps. Abandoned in the desert and determined to stay cool, he melts bullets, explodes a solar chimney, and assembles a propane-powered flamethrower in an effort to beat the heat.
 4950h 0r
So You Think You Can Dance Canada - reality / competition
aka: SYTYCD Canada
Based on the original American TV show 'So You Think You Can Dance', the Canadian series showcases the best in Canadian dancing talent. Each season, the show holds auditions in major cities across the country, scouring the nation for the top dancers in Canada. Competitors of all genres and styles try to wow the judges in the hopes of making the Top 20, which gives them the opportunity to perform on national television.
 19776h 0r
Sand Masters - reality
The Sand Masters create works of art while battling unpredictable weather, ambitious designs, demanding clients and a ticking clock.
 8377h 0r
Russian Dolls - reality
Reality series following the fast-paced comings and goings of eight larger-than-life men and women who live fully, love passionately and work hard as only they can in Brooklyn's historic Russian-American neighborhood, Brighton Beach.
 5502h 0r
Pregnant in Heels - reality
Rosie Pope has managed to create a thriving business as the owner/designer of Rosie Pope Maternity, the ultra high-end maternity brand for the most sophisticated and urban mothers-to-be. Rosie, the tough talking, straight shooting coach for the most privileged expecting mothers of Manhattan, advises her clients on everything from planning baby showers and hiring staff to decorating nurseries and organizing Brazilian waxing for the labor room.
 8080h 0r
Picker Sisters - reality
Best friends and famous interior designers Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen journey across America looking for rare articles.
 5516h 0r
Monster In-Laws - reality
In-laws: most people have them... and sometimes, they can be a whole lot more than a newlywed bargained for. A&E Network shines a light on married couples dealing with meddling in-laws as they try to make peace with the help of an unconventional, no-nonsense relationship expert in the new original real-life series "Monster In-Laws" premiering Monday, October 24 at 10PM ET/PT. Each revealing 30-minute episode of "Monster In-Laws" will feature real-life married couples as they put their relatable in-law problems on display. Sometimes funny and sometimes not, one spouse finds themselves in the middle of the person they married and a member of their immediate family, desperate to put an end to the battles that are tearing them apart. Seasoned relationship experts bring the family under one roof and force them to face their issues head on so they can reach common ground and mend their broken relationships.
 6216h 0r
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County - drama / reality
aka: Laguna Beach
MTV follows eight teens living in Laguna Beach nearing the end of high school and beginning the next chapter of their lives.
 20667h 0r
LA Ink - reality
Body artist Kat Von D has left Miami Ink and is setting up shop in her hometown of L.A., and TLC has its cameras on her to capture her success... or failure. Even though she's one among many tattoo parlors in the City of Angels, Kat's reputation precedes her. But can she learn how to balance her professional and personal life in a place where it's easy to get distracted by the glitz and the glamour?
 33630h 0r
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami - reality
Two of the Kardashian sisters go to Miami Beach for the summer to open a branch of their clothing boutique and to socialize and party.
 11665h 0r
Khloé & Lamar - reality
aka: Khloe and Lamar
Follow Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar, and their semi-permanent house-guest Robert, Khloe's brother.
 12823h 0r
IRT Deadliest Roads - reality / documentary
Three of North America's toughest truck drivers take on some of the most extreme roads in one of the world's most unforgiving environments: the Himalayas.
 9149h 0r
 10070h 0r
Holly's World - reality
Holly Madison, (from the Playboy series 'The Girls Next Door') stars in this new reality-TV show called Holly's World.
Episodes focuses on Holly's life as "she lives, works and plays in her new home in Las Vegas"
World follows Holly on such adventures as a pinup calendar photo shoot in Mexico and a Vegas boosters meeting with Vegas mayor Oscar B. Goodman.
 8547h 0r
Extreme Couponing - reality
Each of the series' 12 half-hour episodes introduces viewers to America's most extreme "super couponers," sharing why they are so driven by the deals and witnessing their amazing couponing ways firsthand. From seeing their shocking stockpiles of merchandise they rack up to demonstrating their dramatic shopping skills, EXTREME COUPONING shares the world of everyday people in pursuit of extraordinary deals.
 15847h 0r
Extreme Chef - reality
Whether extracting ingredients from a block of ice or using a Swiss Army knife as a lone cooking utensil, three chefs are pushed to their physical and mental limits in each episode of Extreme Chef. The series takes chefs out of their kitchen comfort zone to test their wits, adaptability and artistry as they must adapt to extreme conditions and unpredictable factors including swimming across a lake for ingredients and constructing a makeshift stove in only 30 minutes
 8941h 0r
Expedition Impossible - reality
Teams of three will solve problems while racing across deserts, over mountains and through rivers. Each week a new stage of the expedition will be revealed. After ten stunning legs of competition, one team will cross the finish line first to claim victory.
 6725h 0r
 7234h 0r
Love Thy Neighbour - reality
Many would secretly love to leave the city behind and move to a rural idyll. In this series 12 families compete to win a family home in the picture perfect village of Grassington, in the Yorkshire Dales. And it's the existing residents of Grassington who get to decide who wins the prize.
 6892h 0r
Storm Chasers - reality
Research meteorologist Josh Wurman has teamed up with extreme filmmaker Sean Casey to form an amazing partnership. They both share the goal of intercepting a tornado, but for entirely different reasons. Josh needs an individual who can carry his scientific instruments into the vortex of a tornado, and Sean needs someone who can direct him into the correct position to capture incredible IMAX footage. Filming from the turret of his custom-built Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV), Sean puts his life on the line as he endeavors to get the most elusive tornado footage ever shot. He and his battle-hardened team will risk everything as they drive the 14,000-pound armored TIV straight into the heart of a deadly twister. As the leader of the team, Josh guides the TIV and the mobile scout vehicle toward "intercept" from his captain's chair in his mobile command post -- the Doppler On Wheels (DOW) truck. Josh must make critical split-second decisions from information he gathers from his Doppler radar as the safety of the entire team rests on his shoulders.
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