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Freddy's Nightmares - fantasy / horror
aka: Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series
The evil, sinister killer of the "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies, Freddy Krueger, hosts this show, where each week, he shows us a tale of evil and death about the lives of people who live on Elm Street.
 29159h 0r
Carnivale - fantasy
1934, America. The Dustbowl. A fugitive named Ben Hawkins finds refuge within a traveling carnival comprised of a tarot card reader and her catatonic/telekinetic mother, a blind mentalist, a bearded lady, and conjoined twins, amongst others. The carnival is owned by the mysterious and unseen Management, who has designs on the young Hawkins, for the boy is concealing an untapped gift: he can heal the lame and raise the dead--at a price. Ben also finds himself disturbed by cryptic and prophetic dreams, which he shares with a Methodist preacher in California, Brother Justin Crowe. Brother Justin, convinced by his dreams he is following God's will, has begun to practice his own extraordinary talents, although the preacher's plans increasingly lead to disturbing and tragic consequences. In this "last great age of magic," Ben Hawkins and Justin Crowe are moving toward a great conflict between Good and Evil, although it not yet clear on which sides these men will stand.
 33725h 0r
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - action / drama / fantasy
After the traumatizing ordeal in the movie with the same name, Buffy Summers and her mother move to Sunnydale, only to discover that L.A. was just a walk in the park...
 43721h 0r
Being Erica - drama / comedy / fantasy
Thirty-two years old, perpetually single and struggling economically, Erica Strange gets serious about understanding where it all went wrong with the help of the mysterious Dr. Tom. In each episode, Erica relives a deeply regretted part of her past and has the chance to do it all over again differently so as to make a positive change in her "present" life.
 15126h 0r
Ashes To Ashes - drama / crime / fantasy
DCI Gene Hunt is back, but he's no longer the self-styled "Sheriff of Manchester." Flanked by his faithful sidekicks...
 13764h 0r
Carnivale - drama / fantasy / mystery
During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell.
 17752h 0r
 9524h 0r
Chronicles of Syntax - action / adventure / fantasy / sci-fi
The journey of Syntax and the identity struggles of those living in an uncertain and harsh reality. Syntax must choose between salvation and destruction. She is forced to choose to live to fight - or fight to live.
 4830h 0r
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice - animation / fantasy
When the real King Arthur and his knights are captured by Morgana, Merlin casts a spell to bring an American football team called The Knights led by Arthur King to the past to help free the real king and stop Morgana's evil plans by collect magical keys. There was one key for each knight and one for King Arthur.
 5007h 0r
 7311h 0r
Once Upon A Time - Es War Einmal ... - drama / adventure / fantasy
Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.
 4401h 0r
Carnivàle - drama / fantasy / mystery
During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell.
 18962h 0r
Charmed - drama / comedy / fantasy / mystery
Three sisters discover their destiny - to battle against the forces of evil, using their witchcraft. They are the Charmed Ones.
 66068h 0r
The Outer Limits - drama / fantasy / horror
There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
 49882h 0r
Power Rangers Megaforce - action / adventure / fantasy / sci-fi
When the evil Warstar aliens attack Earth, the supernatural guardian Gosei and his faithful robot assistant Tensou recruit five teenagers with attitude to combat the invading forces. Equipped with powers that grant them mastery over martial arts and other forms of combat, the teenagers transform into the latest champions of good: The Power Rangers Megaforce!
 10090h 0r
Beast Legends - documentary / fantasy
Beast Legends is a new series that brings legendary creatures to life through state-of-the-art computer graphics. In this investigative adventure series we join a globetrotting animal doctor, a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology, a gifted illustrator, and a mythology maven as they explore the truth behind some of the world's most renowned creatures. Seeking out clues on whether these mythical monsters could have really existed and how they became woven into local lore, the investigators go to any lengths to unravel these myths. From scaling mountains, enduring deserts, and braving jungles to diving the depths of the ocean, the team tracks down evidence to flesh out a fantastic and iconic mythological beast: the griffin, the dragon, the kraken, a giant shark, a killer bird and the Bigfoot of Vietnam. All through the journey the information is fed into a sophisticated graphics program, and at the end a life-like computer-generated model of the creature, living in the real world, is created
 5820h 0r
Beauty and the Beast - fantasy / drama / romance / crime
The adventures and romance of a sensitive and cultured lion-man and a crusading District Attorney assistant.
 47817h 0r
Blood+ - anime / action / adventure / drama / horror / fantasy
A young girl named Saya combats vicious, shape-shifting demons in Okinawa, 2005.
 36163h 0r
Charmed - fantasy / horror / drama / comedy
Three sisters discover they are witches and use the new found power of "The Charmed Ones" to defeat demons and evil for the protection of the "Innocent" and the greater good.
 162754h 0r
Clash of the Gods - documentary / fantasy / history
Clash of the Gods was an hour weekly mythology television series on the History channel. The program covered many of the ancient Greek and Norse Gods, monsters and heroes including Hades, Hercules, Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus.
 11194h 0r
Cleopatra 2525 - sci-fi / action / fantasy
An exotic dancer, cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, is accidentaly thawed out in 2525 by two female warriors who are fighting against evil robots which have taken over the world. The three join forces and try to escape the underground caverns to which humanity has been banished, meeting up with all sorts of strange creatures along the way
 16006h 0r
Death Valley - horror / comedy / fantasy / crime
A mockumentary following a police force as they deal with various perpetrators who are mostly supernatural in nature.
 13415h 0r
13 Witches - fantasy / horror
13 Witches: 13 Witches is a Fantasy Horror story where thirteen sisters who practiced paganism, centuries ago , were wrongfully accused of being witches. They were tortured, punished and burned alive by those they loved. Only one of the sisters escaped:Nemesis. A deal is struck between Nemesis and the devil and centuries later, the sisters have been reincarnated and seek revenge on the ones who stole their lives
 13700h 0r
Being Human - fantasy / horror
Three twenty-somethings share a house and try to live a normal life despite being a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire.
 28040h 0r
Reaper - comedy / adventure / drama / fantasy
On his 21st Birthday, Sam Oliver will discover his family has been keeping a secret. Today he'll find out what it is. It began like any other day. He has every reason to feel hopeful. Then, things got strange...But NOTHING can prepare him for what comes next. What would you do if your parents sold your soul to the devil?
 47104h 0r
The Almighty Johnsons - drama / comedy / fantasy
The Almighty Johnsons is a new South Pacific Pictures comedy-drama series about four brothers, raised in heartland New Zealand, who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse Gods. They even have their own super-God-powers. Sort of - it's just that their powers aren't actually all that powerful. Well, not yet - but that could all change soon
 31438h 0r
Attack on Titan - animation / adventure / drama / fantasy / horror
Watch Attack on Titan: Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by titans. Titans are typically several stories tall... See full synopsis »
 20029h 0r
Man from Atlantis - adventure / sci-fi / fantasy
The adventures of a man with amphibious abilities.
 9629h 0r
Familiar of Zero - anime / action / comedy / fantasy / romance
aka: Familiar of Zero, aka: Zero no Tsukaima, aka: ゼロの使い魔, aka: 零之使魔
Meet Louise, a budding magician. The students at the Tristein Academy call her "Zero Louise", due to her current record of zero successes with magic. In fact, her magic tends to go spectacularly wrong. Now, as an important test of her aptitude for magic, she must summon a familiar to be her servant. At this critical moment, she summons up all her magic and wishes for a familiar that is "devoted, beautiful and powerful", and gets... Hiraga Saito, an ordinary Japanese boy. It's difficult to say who is more surprised and dismayed, but the rules don't allow for second attempts. Louise is stuck with her strange familiar, and he with her.
 22872h 0r
Camelot - drama / fantasy / history
In the wake of King Uther’s sudden death, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future, he installs the young and impetuous Arthur, Uther’s unknown son and heir, who has been raised from birth as a commoner. But Arthur’s cold and ambitious half-sister Morgan will fight him to the bitter end, summoning unnatural forces to claim the crown in this epic battle for control.
 17083h 0r
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - adventure / drama / fantasy / mystery / romance
Watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: In Victorian England, the young and beautiful Alice tells a tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole.
 12660h 0r
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour - family / fantasy / horror
Watch R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour" is an anthology series aimed at kids and teens, and inspired by the stories of horror master R.L. Stine. Each thirty minute episode is a tale of horror and suspense, invariably involving a supernatural element. Disdaining gore and overt violence, the episodes rely on sharp story telling and imaginative cinematic techniques to evoke chills, thrills and scares.
 14254h 0r
The Twilight Zone - fantasy / horror / mystery
aka: The Twilight Zone (1959)
Rod Serling's seminal anthology series focused on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist that would see the guilty punished.
 66226h 0r
Early Edition - drama / fantasy
This is an hour-long drama about Chicago native Gary Hobson who becomes a reluctant hero when his morning newspaper reports tomorrow’s headlines.
Commodities trader Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) is losing it: his job, his home and his brilliant attorney wife.
He thinks he may even be losing his mind when tomorrow’s newspaper mysteriously arrives today – giving him a disconcerting look into the future.
What will he do with tomorrow’s news? While his best friend Chuck (Fisher Stevens) sees the newspaper as a ticket to personal gain, co-worker Marissa (Shanesia Davis) convinces Gary that the "early edition" should be used to better peoples’ lives.
So each day Gary begins anew the struggle to make sense of a world turned upside-down by the changing course of events that come from reading the "early edition."
 36825h 0r
Atlantis - adventure / drama / fantasy
Watch Atlantis: The city of Atlantis is a strange, ancient dwelling; a world of bull leaping, of snake-haired goddesses and of palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants. Young Jason arrives in the city and an epic adventure begins
 18263h 0r
I Dream of Jeannie - comedy / fantasy
Genre: Comedy / Family / Fantasy

A United States astronaut finds his life vastly complicated when he stumbles on to a bottle containing a female genie.
 81788h 0r
Misfits - comedy / drama / fantasy
A group of kids doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers.
 46387h 0r
Amazing Stories - adventure / fantasy / horror / sci-fi
aka: Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, aka: Steven Spielberg Presents Amazing Stories
Television series created, produced, and twice directed by Steven Spielberg. Truly amazing, and sometimes odd stories are narrated. Many famous actors and actresses made guest appearances.
 22280h 0r
Angels in America - drama / fantasy
Playwright Tony Kushner adapts his political epic about the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties, around a group of separate but connected individuals.
 10895h 0r
Bakemonogatari - anime / comedy / fantasy / romance
aka: 化物語
Bakemonogatari centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire. One day, a classmate named Hitagi Senjōgahara, who never talks to anyone, falls down the stairs into Koyomi's arms. He discovers that Hitagi weighs next to nothing, in defiance of physics. Despite being threatened by her to keep away, Koyomi offers his help, and introduces her to Meme Oshino, a strange middle-aged man living in an abandoned building, who cured him of being a vampire.
 11801h 0r
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