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Shark - drama / crime / mystery
Title character Sebastian Stark is an L.A. hot-shot lawyer, who leaves his lucrative career as defender of rich criminals to join the public prosecution under the District Attorney (D.A.), ...
 12889h 0r
CSI: - action / crime
A spinoff of Crime Scene Investigations set in New York City.
 90247h 0r
The Shadow Line - crime / drama
The Shadow Line is about a murder investigated by both sides of the line – cops and criminals – and the opposing methods they use to solve it. But the real line is the morality within each character and how far they will go before they cross it.
 6352h 0r
The Guardian - crime / drama
Nick Fallin is a hotshot lawyer working at his father's ultrasuccessful Pittsburgh law firm. Unfortunately, the high life has gotten the best of Nick. Arrested for drug use, he's sentenced to do 1,500 hours of community service, somehow to be squeezed into his 24/7 cutthroat world of mergers, acquisitions and board meetings. Reluctantly, he's now The Guardian - a part-time child advocate at Legal Aid Services, where one case after another is an eye-opening instance of kids caught up in difficult circumstances
 27081h 0r
The Gates - drama / crime / horror
A metropolitan police officer becomes chief of police in a gated suburban neighborhood where vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural entities reside.
 16656h 0r
The Event - crime
When a man goes looking for his missing girlfriend, he stumbles upon a government conspiracy that is bigger than the president himself.
 18101h 0r
The A-Team - action / adventure / crime
Four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn't commit, help the innocent while on the run from the military.
 31139h 0r
The Boondocks - action / drama / crime / thriller
Fraternal twins set out to rid Boston of the evil men operating there while being tracked down by an FBI agent.
 22881h 0r
Spider-Man 2003 - action / adventure / animation / crime / drama / sci-fi / thriller
Spider-Man 2003: An updated version of the classic animated adventure series. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, young Peter Parker finds that he now has spider-like super powers. Hoping to use his new-found abiilties for wealth and fame, he lets his ego blind him to the needs of others, and indirectly causes the death of his uncle Ben when he refuses to help a police officer catch a fleeing criminal. Humbled by his failure, he resolves to use his talents for fighting crime, and becomes the superhero Spider-Man. While he fights assorted super-villains, Peter also must balance his personal life, including his girlfriend Mary Jane, his job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, and a an editor who has convinced himself that Spider-man is a criminal that has to be brought down.
 20341h 0r
Small Time Gangster - crime / drama / comedy
Little' Tony Piccolo is a family man and small time, blue collar enforcer who, gripped by a sudden mid-life crisis, decides he wants out of the gangster business.
 6044h 0r
Prison Break - action / drama / crime
Due to a political conspiracy an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out from the inside out.
 147486h 0r
 5394h 0r
Police Squad! - comedy / crime
Sight-gags and non-sequiturs dominate this spoof of police dramas. The six episodes formed the basis for later very successful "Naked Gun" movies.
 8761h 0r
Miami Vice - action / crime / drama
The adventures of the vice squad detectives of the Miami Police Department.
 41338h 0r
Memphis Beat - comedy / crime / drama
Memphis Beat centers on Dwight Hendricks, a quirky Memphis police detective with an intimate connection to the city, a passion for blues music and a close relationship with his mother.
 10713h 0r
The Venture Bros - adventure / animation / crime
When a South American fetish is stolen and than reappears the next morning, Tintin investigates.
 3772h 0r
JAG - action / crime
The cases of Harmon Rabb, former Navy fighter pilot, and his fellow lawyers of the US Navy's Judge Advocate General's office.
 43113h 0r
Hustle - crime / drama
aka: Hu$tle
A motley group of London con artists pull off a series of daring and intricate stings.
 34746h 0r
Human Target - action / adventure / crime
A unique bodyguard masquerades as his clients in order to draw out and eliminate threats to their lives.
 19489h 0r
 8110h 0r
Chase - action / drama / crime
A team tracks down fugitive criminals.
 34010h 0r
Boston Legal - drama / comedy / crime
This Spinoff of The Practice will focus on Civil Law.
 44394h 0r
Ashes To Ashes - drama / crime / fantasy
DCI Gene Hunt is back, but he's no longer the self-styled "Sheriff of Manchester." Flanked by his faithful sidekicks...
 13767h 0r
CSI Crime Scene Investigation - drama / crime / mystery
An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.
 52368h 0r
Mission Impossible - action / adventure / crime
An elite covert operations unit carries out highly sensitive missions subject to official denial in the event of failure, death or capture.
 31263h 0r
 9527h 0r
 6225h 0r
Veronica Mars - drama / crime / mystery
After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.
 36995h 0r
Boomtown - crime / drama / mystery / thriller
Each episode of this series, set in present day Los Angeles, examines one crime from many different viewpoints - uniformed cops, detectives, witnesses, the media, the fire department and rescue squad, even the criminals themselves.
 13547h 0r
Femme Fatales - crime / drama
This contemporary anthology crime drama is an homage to classic film noir, pulp fiction, and graphic novels. It features a cast of familiar faces as well as hot up and coming talent. Based on the bestselling magazine of the same name.
 31634h 0r
 8044h 0r
King - crime / drama
As a Homicide Detective, Jessica King (Amy Price-Francis) sees things that everyone else misses: in crime scenes, in evidence, in the motivations and drives of the suspects. A fearless and imaginative lateral thinker, her unique eye for detail turns cases around. And she has a rare quality: Jess doesnt need to be liked. That quality gets her into trouble.
 18053h 0r
The Confession - action / crime / drama
A unique story of redemption and an exploration of good and evil featuring a hit man and a priest.
 7166h 0r
The Event - drama / crime / mystery / thriller
When a man goes looking for his missing girlfriend, he stumbles upon a government conspiracy that is bigger than the president himself.
 14695h 0r
The Chicago Code - crime / drama
aka: Ride-Along
Detective Jarek Wysocki, one of Chicago's toughest cops, struggles to clean up the town's violence and corruption.
 10197h 0r
Law & Order: Los Angeles - crime / drama
aka: Law & Order: LA, aka: L&O: LA, aka: LOLA
An American police procedural and legal drama television series set in Los Angeles. Created and produced by Dick Wolf as a spin-off of Wolf's successful crime drama Law & Order.
 13438h 0r
Rosemary & Thyme - crime / drama / mystery
Housewife and former policewoman, Laura Thyme, loses her husband to a younger woman. Meanwhile, Rosemary Boxer, a university lecturer in horticulture, loses her job. A sudden death and a love of gardening bring the pair together. They join forces to start their own business. But death and mystery seem to follow them wherever they go. The gardeners find themselves acting as amateur sleuths in a series of very cozy mysteries set amongst the stunning gardens of Europe....
 7073h 0r
Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob - action / crime / documentary / history
Roam through the dark and smoke filled history of the most ruthless men and family enterprises that changed crime in America! From bootlegs to urban battlefields this groundbreaking series traces the origin of the gangs that dominated criminal activities and invented their own codes of conduct. Meet the legendary figures and discover the real story behind the violence and corruption that pulsed through the soul of the Gangster Empire!
 4741h 0r
Twenty Four - action / drama / crime / mystery / thriller
Federal Agent Jack Bauer can't afford to always play by the rules. As a member of the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit, Jack must stop bombs, viruses, assassination attempts, and usually save someone he cares about at the same time. Every season of this series has 24 episodes, each unfolding in real time following a consecutive hour in one very bad day.
 50244h 0r
Covert - action / drama / crime
Single woman. Double life.
 4711h 0r
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