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Atomic Train (1999) - action / thriller / drama / war
A train filled with atomic devices threatens to destroy the city of Denver. John Serger (a train buff) has to prevent this from happening.
 3932h 0r
 2465h 0r
Demon Seed (1977) - horror / sci-fi / thriller
A scientist creates Proteus--an organic super computer with artificial intelligence which becomes obsessed with human beings, and in particular the creators wife.
 4512h 0r
 3147h 0r
Wicked (1998) - thriller
14-year-old Ellie Christianson wants to make her father Ben her love partner. And when her mother Karen turns up dead, Ellie has a good opportunity.
 4734h 0r
Blood River (2009) - horror / thriller / western
A psychological thriller following a married couple on their way to visit family. After a blowout on a desolate stretch of highway in Nevada, they head to the next town but discover it is abandoned. Here they meet a mysterious stranger that changes everything.
 4577h 0r
Invasion U.S.A. (1985) - action / thriller
aka: Invasion USA
A one-man army comes to the rescue of the United States when a spy attempts an invasion.
 3470h 0r
A Wicked Tale (2005) - thriller

A Wicked Tale is a thriller based on the story of the Little Red Riding Hood, a tale about manipulation, seduction and innocence lost.
 3297h 0r
Alexandra's Project (2003) - thriller

Steve is a man who has it all, a successful career, wonderful children, beautiful home and a loving wife. However, returning to his home after work on his birthday, he finds his house deserted and darkened with almost all the lightbulbs missing, all easy access outside cut off and a videotape waiting for him. Playing that tape, he watches a bizarre and grueling recording in which his wife explains her grievance with him, her reasons for disappearing with the children and her revenge for how he treated her in a way he would never forget.
 1677h 0r
 3764h 0r
 2386h 0r
Crying Freeman (1995) - action / crime / thriller
A lethal assassin for a secret Chinese organisation, who sheds tears of regret each time he kills, is seen swiftly and mercilessly executing three Yakuza gangsters by a beautiful artist. She is captivated by the grace of his kill and later falls in love with him. An intense power struggle for the leadership of the Yakuza Clans ensues as they seek vengeance for the death of their leader. They soon realise the fatal mistake of underestimating the deadly skills of the Crying Freeman.
 5295h 0r
Duplicity (2009) - thriller / action / adventure / drama
Julia Roberts working for the CIA and Clive Owen working for MI6 play competing undercover corporate high level top secret business spies who may or may not be conning each other. The movie shows us what lenghts mega corporations will try and go to keep their new product information out of the hands of their competitors. The spys in this case will not even acknowledge their relationship as a sly parallel to regular relationships. The implication here is that most people do not say or trust themselves in relationships, but as spies Julia and Clive have good reason to be wary. Multi continent travels, many plot twists and counter twists follow. The music is light locations are beautiful and evokes the Ocean's movies and fun is had by all even if you can't always follow the plot.
 18280h 0r
Deadline (2009) - thriller / drama / horror
aka: Deadline (2009)
A screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.
 3860h 0r
Evilenko (2004) - crime / horror / thriller
In 1984, in Kiev, the communist teacher Andrej Romanovic Evilenko is dismissed from his position after a pedophilic act against a student. On 15 May 1984, the pedophile Evilenko begins to rape children, and then slashing the victims in pieces and eating them. The magistrate family man Vadim Timurouvic Lesiev is assigned to catch the serial killer and almost eight years later he finally captures the monster that killed fifty-five persons, most of them children and young women. On 22 May 1992, Evilenko goes to the court and on 14 February 1994 he is finally executed.
 3251h 0r
Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978) - thriller
Suddenly Laura Mars can see through the eyes of a serial killer as he commits his crimes. She contacts the police and with the aid of a police detective, tries to stop the killer. But first, they have to figure out who it is.
 2382h 0r
 4903h 0r
The Forgotten (2004) - drama / horror / mystery / sci-fi / thriller
aka: Stranger
Told that their children never existed, a man and woman soon discover that there's a much bigger enemy at work
 9793h 0r
The Ladykillers (2004) - comedy / crime / thriller
An eccentric, if not charming Southern professor and his crew pose as a band in order to rob a casino, all under the nose of his unsuspecting landlord: a sharp old woman.
 2974h 0r
 1813h 0r
Boys of the City (1940) - comedy / mystery / thriller
aka: The Ghost Creeps
Street kids get sent to the country, where they get mixed up in murder and a haunted house.
 2375h 0r
Cherish (2002) - comedy / drama / thriller
After a martini-induced rampage, a fantasy-prone young woman is placed under house arrest.
 2993h 0r
City Of Industry (1997) - crime / drama / thriller
A retired thief swears revenge on the lunatic who murdered his brother and partner, while going on the run with the loot they stole.
 2055h 0r
Bordertown (2006) - action / adventure / crime / drama / thriller
aka: Ciudad del silencio, aka: Les oubliƩes de Juarez
A female journalist investigates a string of murders near the American-owned factories on the Juarez/El Paso border. As she discovers hundreds of victims, she gains the trust of local factory workers but falls into danger.
 7399h 0r
Dinocroc (2004) - horror / sci-fi / thriller
After an African dinosaur ancestor of the crocodile is found, Dr. Campbell uses its DNA to create prototypes at Paula Kennedy's Genetic Research Co. (Gereco) lab. However one must be put down after killing someone, another escapes and the information is kept from sheriff Harper. His daughter, county dog catcher Diane Harper, helps her ex (welding artist Tom Banning) with his kid brother Michael's beloved dog. They bump into Campbell and discover the dinocroc is growing, having escaped down a tunnel. Although Gereco hires Australian crocodile specialist and intrepid hunter, Richard 'Dick' Sydney, the beast proves impervious to bullets, so the body count rises alarming.
 2978h 0r
Epoch (2007) - sci-fi / thriller
Disaster strikes as a specialised team of investigators struggle to find out the truth about a strange monolith which sends out an intercontinental signal.
 1876h 0r
Deadly Impact (2010) - action / crime / thriller
A police officer with a painful past returns home to help the FBI track down a mastermind assassin.
 2558h 0r
Return to Sender (2004) - drama / thriller
aka: Convicted, aka: Death Row
While fighting for a woman who sits on death row, a lawyer happens upon new information which brings into question the motives of a man associated with her client.
 2439h 0r
The MacKintosh Man (1973) - thriller
Joseph Rearden takes the fall for a robbery and winds up in the Scrubs. From there he escapes in the company of a convicted spy and is taken to a remote manor at an unknown location where he is kept isolated. He overpowers his guard and flies, but nothing is quite what it seems in this drama of intrigue as Rearden pursues his quarry from Ireland to Malta.
 1384h 0r
Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004) - thriller
Chief Niemans is investigating a series of ritual murders: The victims are crucified. He teams up with young officer Reda, who gets embroiled after a man dressed as a monk tries to kill a confused guy Reda picked up on the street. Together with a specialist on christian mythology they uncover a mysterious group called "Angels of the Apokalypse".
 2164h 0r
Half Moon Street (1986) - thriller
Dr. Lauren Slaughter, a research fellow at the Arab-Anglo Institute in London is utterly frustrated by her job. To supplement her income, she starts moonlighting at the Jasmine Escort Service, where she has more control over men and money than she does at the office. On one of her 'dates', Lauren meets the politician Lord Bulbeck who is trying to mediate a peace accord between the Arabs and Israelis. Bulbeck falls in love with his escort, and unwittingly, Lauren becomes a pawn in some very dirty politics.
 1695h 0r
Marked (2007) - thriller
A group of Ghost Hunters discover a powerful force that puts one of their members in great danger.
 2508h 0r
Bitter Moon (1992) - drama / romance / thriller
British couple Fiona and Nigel Dobson are sailing to Istanbul en route to India. They encounter a beautiful French woman, and that night Nigel meets her while dancing alone in the ship's bar. Later he meets her crippled American husband Oscar, who tells him their story. While living in Paris for several years trying to be a writer, he becomes obsessed with a woman he met by chance on a bus. He tracks her down and they start a steamy love affair. Soon Oscar finds himself enslaved body and soul by her love, and continues to tell Nigel the details of this relationship in various stages over a number of visits to Oscar's cabin
 4765h 0r
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997) - drama / thriller
aka: Poison Ivy 3
Ivy's sister, Violet, comes to visit the Greer residence in this third installment of the franchise. It does not take long for the family to be turned upside down as Violet uses her body and skills of manipulation to throw the household into a state of panic and deceit
 3001h 0r
The Lost (2006) - crime / drama / horror / thriller
aka: Jack Ketchum's The Lost - Teenage Serial Killer
Hanging out at some campgrounds one nice summer day, 19-year-old Ray Pye decides to murder two young women. His friends, Jen and Tim, witness the murder and help him cover it up. Four years later, Ray has never been arrested for the crime. Detective Charlie Schilling and his ex-partner, Ed Anderson, know that Ray did it. They just could never prove it. Charlie figures it's about time they did prove it. He's ready to push Ray harder than ever. Meanwhile, Ray has met his match in a new girl in town. Her name's Katherine Wallace. Kath is a bad girl. Her and Ray are a potentially explosive combination. Throw in the fact that Ed is having a summer fling with Sally Richmond - a girl young enough to be his daughter. And Sally's just gotten a job at the motel that Ray manages. Ray has his eye on her. Charlie and Ed never found the gun that Ray used to murder the women at the campground. That rifle, as well as a handgun, are hidden behind the mirror in Ray's bathroom. Ray can only be pushed so far. The time will come when he takes the mirror off the wall and shows everyone who is in charge.
 10051h 0r
Summer's Blood (2009) - horror / thriller
aka: Summer's Moon
A family of serial killers stalk a young woman out to find the father she's never known.
 3293h 0r
Cherrybomb (2009) - thriller
Two guys.One girl.Game on.

Three teenagers go on a wild weekend of drink, drugs, shop-lifting and stealing cars that quickly spins beyond their control.
 3586h 0r
 1691h 0r
Sister's Keeper (2007) - action / drama / thriller
When a small town teacher mistakes the hit-man hired to kill her for her long lost brother, a tangled web of family secrets, deadly deception and forbidden love is spun that could destroy them all.
 5318h 0r
Van Diemen's Land (2009) - biography / drama / history / thriller
The true story of Alexander Pearce, Australia's most notorious convict. In 1822, Pearce and seven fellow convicts escaped from Macquarie Harbour, a place of ultra banishment and punishment, only to find a world less forgiving.. the Australian wilderness. Abandon all hope you who enter. .
 3992h 0r
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