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Project Ninja Daredevils (1986) - action / crime
Watch Project Ninja Daredevils: Two brothers, Warren and David, try to defeat the evil forger who is making their lives a misery.
 3552h 0r
Fasle kargadan (2012) - drama
Sahel, a poet from the shah era, and Mina, daughter of a wealthy family, are in love. Also Mina's driver is in love with her, as the revolution approaches. The driver becomes a high rank revolutionary and with this power incarcerates the couple. Sahel for 30 years and Mina for 10 years. After 10 years Mina is released and asks for the whereabouts of Sahel. She is told that Sahel has died. Meanwhile, the driver proposes her to stay with him. They travel together to Istanbul. After a further 20 years passes, Sahel is released. Then, he begins the search for his old lover.
 3723h 0r
Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (2011) - drama
aka: A Separation
A married couple are faced with a difficult decision, to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimers..
 5664h 0r
Kiseye Berendj (1998) - family
<b>Kiseye Berendj</b>:
 3198h 0r
Paziraie sadeh (2012) - action / drama
Watch Paziraie sadeh: An Iranian couple from the city drive around a remote mountainous region. They hand out bags of money to poor villagers in return for them carrying out unusual requests the couple make of them.
 3624h 0r
Kargaran mashghoole karand (2006) - action
Watch Kargaran mashghoole karand: A political allegory on four middle-class guys who pile into their car for a ski weekend. A brief stop at a picturesque vista leads to their chance discovery of a prominent rock formation it seems would be oh so easy to tip over, but...
 3204h 0r
no image
Chaharshanbe-soori (2006) - action / drama / mystery
On the day before their holiday trip to Dubai, a wife who believes her husband is unfaithful enlists the help of Roohi, a young women sent by an agency to clean the house. She asks Roohi to make an appointment and gather information at the salon of the woman she suspects. Roohi is betrothed, innocent of marital discord. Over the course of the day, she, the couple, their small son, the wife's sister and husband, and the beautician engage in a series of exchanges, confrontations, and prevarications. Are the wife's suspicions unwarranted; is her behavior imperiling her marriage? Acts of kindness may go awry. And the trip to Dubai?
 3389h 0r
no image
Two & Two (2011) - drama
Watch Two & Two: In a drab, anonymous gray school governed by a strict authoritarian regime, an apparently unremarkable day is turned on its head following a seemingly ridiculous announcement. Disbelieving at first, the all male, identically uniformed pupils are informed that what they had always been taught as fact is no longer true. When the incredulous students speak out, what initially seems laughably absurd becomes desperately real as they are forced to question how far they will go to stand up for their beliefs. Two & Two is an allegory for the absurdness of dictatorship and tyranny - and the resilience of the human spirit.
 4147h 0r
no image
Nasepas (2010) - history
 3296h 0r
no image
The Lizard (2004)
The Lizard: Reza is a petty thief who escapes jail by posing as a mullah. When he has to stay in disguise longer than he expected, he accidentally becomes the revered leader of a small-town mosque, bringing people flooding in with his on the hoof sermons featuring sexual innuendo and references to 'brother' Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.
 2427h 0r
no image
Pardé (2013)
Pardé: In a secluded house by the sea with the curtains shut, a screenwriter hides from the world with only his dog as company. The tranquility is abruptly broken one night by the arrival of a ...
 4192h 0r
no image
Manuscripts Don't Burn (2013)
Manuscripts Don't Burn: Khosrow and Morteza set out on a mission to kill someone. The assassination ought to be arranged as a suicide. At the last minute however, they are obliged to change their initial plans...
 2359h 0r
no image
Inja bedoone man (2011)
Inja bedoone man: The story is about the world of a small family with familiar dreams and not so remarkable problems. The mother is trying to lead everything to save her family, but small events disarrange all her plans.
 2672h 0r
no image
Akharin malakeye zamin (2006)
Akharin malakeye zamin: Leaving his family in Afghanistan to find work in Iran, Ali Bakhsh returns home to Afghanistan in search of his family in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the following U.S. invasion.
 2460h 0r
no image
Darbareye Elly (2009)
Darbareye Elly: A group of middle-class friends travel from Tehran to spend the weekend at the seaside. Sepideh invites Elly, who is her daughter's teacher, to travel with the three families in order to introduce her to their recently divorced friend Ahmad, now living in Germany. The next morning, the two women go shopping in the town and Elly says that she has to return to Tehran because her mother has been recently submitted to hospital for heart surgery, but Sepideh asks her to stay and hides her luggage. The children are playing in the sea and one mother asks Elly to watch them. Out of the blue, Sepideh's daughter calls to some men playing volleyball to rescue one of the children from the water....
 2132h 0r
no image
Don't Be Tired! (2013)
Don't Be Tired!: 2 Canadian Tourists - husband and wife - who have some problems in their relationship starts a trip in deserts of Iran by two young Iranian boys who introduced themselves as the best tour guides! This trip is full of things (enjoyable and sadness) which makes some inside differences for all of them.
 2294h 0r
no image
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night: Set in a fictitious ghost-town called Bad City, overrun with crime and prostitution, it's a place that reeks of death and loneliness, and the townspeople are a jaded and strange population including a Vampire, a Prostitute, a Pimp, a Drug Addict, a Mean Little boy, a 57 Tbird and the Persian James Dean... amidst the hopelessness, an unlikely love story quietly blooms... and it blooms blood red. A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is the first Iranian Vampire Western.
 2133h 0r
no image
The Maritime Silk Road (2011) - adventure / history
<b>The Maritime Silk Road</b>: A young student of Shiraz university joins Captain Soleiman on a maritime journey to China in 11th BC.
 2696h 0r

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