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Tropa de Elite (2007) - action / crime / drama / thriller
aka: Elite Squad
In 1997, before the visit of the pope to Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento from BOPE (Special Police Operation Battalion) is assigned to eliminate the risks of the drug dealers in a dangerous slum nearby where the pope intends to be lodged. Captain Nascimento is trying to find a man to replace him because his wife is pregnant and he intends to quit the command and become a trainer of the new recruits. Meanwhile, the two idealistic friends Neto and Matias join the Military Police force expecting to become honest policemen and fight the criminals. However, they see only corruption, lack of competence and stupid bureaucracy in the Military Police, and after a serious incident in the Morro da Babilônia, they decide to join the BOPE. The lives of Capitain Nascimento, Neto and Matias are entwined along the next months, first in the tough training period and then in action against drug dealers.
 16345h 0r
From Beginning to End (2009) - drama / romance
Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.
 7042h 0r
Filme do Desassossego (2010) - drama
aka: Disquiet
It is late night in a café. A typical young intellect in his early twenties with sharp black eyes peering through black steel framed glasses is muttering that the modern method of measuring time is wrong and staring at a young man who is slouched with a face that looks pale, indifferent, and worried, all at the same time. Modernist poet Fernando Pessoa, who had keen observations of the dailiness of modern times in Lisbon in the 1910s, The Book of Disquiet, which Pessoa wrote in 1913, and the character of Bernardo Soares, into whom Pessoa projected his identity, all come to life in Lisbon in the 21st century through this film. The film is based on The Book of Disquiet, a diary about the distance between feelings of loneliness and the monotonous reality of daily life written by Bernardo Soares who goes back and forth between the accountant's office where works as an intern and his room, both of which are located on Rua dos Douradores in Lisbon, and may have been an impossible project to bring to the big screen; much like Joseph Strick’s attempt with James Joyce's Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Nevertheless, João Botelho began this project that everyone advised him against with the conviction that the quality of cinematic time, which resists the chronological flow of time and is able to illustrate daily life in a fragmented and musical rhythm, was the optimal vessel in presenting the extratemporel text that refuses to be confined to the limitations of a ‘book’. The characters in the film and the additional incidents become existences themselves in no time and become a part of the present of 2010.
 6953h 0r
Carandiru (2003) - drama / crime
Film based on real life experiences of doctor Drauzio Varella inside dreadful State penitentiary Carandiru, in São Paulo, Brazil, while he was doing a social work of Aids prevention. There he found hundreds of convicts living under degrading conditions. The situation came to a climax in 1992, when in order to smother a rebellion, police force killed 111 men. Written by 145mins
12 wins & 16 nominations
 7268h 0r
O Palhaço (2011) - drama / adventure / comedy
This is the story of father and son who work as clowns Puro Sangue/Valdemar (Paulo Jose) and Pangare/Benjamin (Selton Mello) in a circus which travels through the Brazilian country side. Benjamin is a clown who does not have id or social security number. Going through a phase where he starts questioning his ability to make people laugh and his future, Benjamin decides to follow a different path to find his answers and pursue his dreams: a fixed address and the ideal woman. In the adventure, he meets several people on the way to find his own identity.
 5313h 0r
The Portuguese Nun (2009) - drama
Watch The Portuguese Nun: A young French actress in Lisbon to shoot a movie is intrigued by a nun she sees kneeling in the in the chapel where she is filming.
 3584h 0r
Elite Squad 2 (2010) - action
After a bloody invasion of the BOPE in the High-Security Penitentiary Bangu 1 in Rio de Janeiro to control a rebellion of interns, the Lieutenant-Colonel Roberto Nascimento and the second in command Captain André Matias are accused by the Human Right Aids member Diogo Fraga of execution of prisoners. Matias is transferred to the corrupted Military Police and Nascimento is exonerated from the BOPE by the Governor. However, due to the increasing popularity of Nascimento, the Governor invites him to team-up with the intelligence area of the Secretary of Security. Along the years, Fraga, who is married with Nascimento's former wife, is elected State Representative and Nascimento's son Rafael has issues with his biological father. Meanwhile Nascimento and the BOPE expel the drug dealers from several slums but another enemy arises: the militia led by Major Rocha and supported by the Governor, the Secretary of Security and politicians interested in votes. Nascimento is manipulated to help this group, vanquishing the criminals in the slums and poor communities; then the corrupt group of police officers is free to exploit the poor population.
 8039h 0r
O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias (2006) - drama / adventure
aka: The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
A boy is left alone in a Jewish neighborhood in the year of 1970, where both world cup and dictatorship happen in Brazil.
 10470h 0r
Casa de Areia (2005) - drama
Casa de Areia: A woman is taken along with her mother in 1910 to a far-away desert by her husband, and after his passing, is forced to spend the next 59 years of her life hopelessly trying to escape it.
 5284h 0r
The Last Time I Saw Macao (2012) - crime / drama / musical / mystery
Two filmmakers leave to Macao in an adventure of discovery of a city-labyrinth, multicultural and mysterious, where the memories of the childhood - featured memories by the lived reality in Macao - have a dialog with the memories of the East built by the codes of the cinema and the literature - memories lived on a featured reality-, creating a testimony which tries to raise the veil on the past and the present time. A personal album of physical and emotional geography, structured as an investigation disguised as a thriller, where the puzzle of the history challenges the reality.
 3028h 0r
A Mulher Que Inventou o Amor (1979) - drama
Simple-minded young woman becomes a successful prostitute.
 3848h 0r
A Metamorfose (2007) - thriller
Pedro is a young man, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, but one day, he wakes up feeling different.
 3593h 0r
A Menina do Lado (1987) - drama
Middle-aged married journalist goes to the beach resort of Búzios, in Brazil, to write a book. Gradually, he falls in love with his neighbor's daughter, a beautiful teenager much younger than he, ignoring the social implications.
 2871h 0r
A Hora do Medo (1986) - horror
In São Paulo, Alberto is an insane and sadistic man that kills women, and lives with his mother that covers all his mess. When he kills his mother's employee Eliana, stabbing her in the bathtub, they bury her in the backyard of their house. Eliana's fiancé unsuccessfully seeks her out and when Alberto's mother advertises that she needs a driver, he applies for the job to sneak around the real estate trying to find Eliana.
 3495h 0r
A Dama da Zona (1979) - comedy
Cast (in credits order)
Marlene Silva Marlene Silva
Marlene França Marlene França
Hélio Porto Hélio Porto
David Neto David Neto
Canarinho Canarinho
Lia Farrel Lia Farrel
Petty Pesce Petty Pesce
Sebastião Polônio Sebastião Polônio
Neide Ribeiro Neide Ribeiro
Cavagnole Neto Cavagnole Neto
Cláudio Cunha Cláudio Cunha
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nadia Destro Nadia Destro ...
 3699h 0r
All Nudity Shall Be Punished (1973) - drama
aka: Toda Nudez Será Castigada
Rich, spoiled youngman encounters a prostitute, and gets confused about the nature of his feelings for her; he can't decide between attraction, and repulsion.
 2345h 0r
Rio 2 (2014) - adventure / animation / comedy
It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they're hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful ...
 31126h 0r
The Way He Looks (2014) - drama / romance
aka: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho
Leonardo is a blind teenager dealing with an overprotective mother while trying to live a more independent life. To the disappointment of his best friend, Giovana, he plans to go on an exchange program abroad. When Gabriel, a new student in town, arrives at their classroom, new feelings blossom in Leonardo making him question his plans.
 2815h 0r
Beauty and the Paparazzo (2010) - comedy / romance
aka: A Bela e o Paparazzo
A bela e o Paparazzo tell us the story of Joao (Marco D Almeida) which is a paparazzo known as Gabriela which sells photos of celebrities to the Fama magazine (the kind of press that is always looking for news and pictures of those people, even if it s the most uninteresting thing about them.
 2217h 0r
no image
Linhas de Wellington (2012) - war / drama / history
Watch Linhas de Wellington: Following the failures of French generals Jean-Andoche Junot and
Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult in 1807 and 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte
sent a powerful army to invade Portugal in 1810. The French army,
which was commanded by Marshal Massena, easily made their way to
the center of the country—but little did they know that the
Anglo-Portuguese army, led by General Wellington, was waiting to
take them down on the other side
 3402h 0r
no image
23:59 (2011) - action
An army recruit was found dead during a 24km road march. After the death of the recruit, strange things started to happen, haunting all the soldiers in the barracks..
 11298h 0r
no image
O Homem do Futuro (2011) - comedy / fantasy / sci-fi
Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliant scientist, but unfortunate because 20 years ago was publicly humiliated and lost in college Helena (Alinne Moraes) the love of his life. One day, an accidental experience with one of his inventions makes him travel in time, more precisely, to the past. After the chance to change his story, Zero returns to this totally changed.
 3586h 0r
no image
Libanesa Loira (2008) - drama
<b>Libanesa Loira</b>: Elisa imitates her friend's feelings and moods. She is not aware of her behaviour but her aunt that knows Elisa too well, offers her a trip to Brazil to spend some time alone and work on her project about Brazilian popular myths. In Brazil and all alone, she experiences her first true feelings only to find out that everything she does, a mysterious Lebanese woman has done before.
 2898h 0r
no image
Abelhinhas (2009) - animation / comedy / family
 2827h 0r
no image
Voando Em Busca de Aventuras! (2009) - animation / adventure / comedy / family / fantasy
Voando Em Busca de Aventuras!: An animated family adventure about scientists chasing monsters.
 2603h 0r
no image
God's Town (2002) - crime / drama
God's Town: City of God is based on a true story that takes place in the 60's where in the slums of Rio De Janeiro two boys growing up in the neighborhood take on different paths in life. The story is told through eyes of Buscape, a poor young fisherman's son who dreams of becoming a photographer one day. His story narrates the violence and corruption surrounding the city and the rise and fall of one of the city's most notorious boss'. Li'l Ze. As war wages on the streets Buscape's only way out of this violent life is to expose its brutality the world through his pictures. Along the way the lives of other are put into perspective as their stories intersect with the events that take place.
 2795h 0r
no image
The Man Who Copied (2003)
The Man Who Copied: André, relatively poor, falls in love with Silvia, a neighbor whom he spy's with a telescope. Falling more and more in love with her, he begins to follow her around the city and realizes she works in a clothing shop. He works in a xerox place and makes a copy of a brand new 50 real bill in order to buy a dress from her store. This becomes a vice and he begins to photocopy more and more money, until it gets out of control. However, things begin to go wrong when he decides that photcopying is not the only way to make money...
 2623h 0r
no image
Rio, I Love You (2014)
Rio, I Love You: The next episode of the Cities of Love franchise: Rio, Eu Te Amo. Rio, Eu Te Amo will be an anthology: a collective feature film, composed of 11 dynamic short film segments created by 10 visionary directors from across the globe. The story line of each segment of the film focuses on an encounter of love in a different neighborhood of the city, demonstrating the distinctive qualities and character of that location. The film serves to bridge gaps between cultures, educating and entertaining the audience, while celebrating unique and universal expressions of love.
 2402h 0r
no image
A Bela e o Paparazzo (2010)
A Bela e o Paparazzo: Love on the front page
 2191h 0r
no image
Todas as Coisas Mais Simples (2014)
Todas as Coisas Mais Simples: Leonardo is a blind teenager searching for independence. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel.
 1911h 0r
no image
Faroeste caboclo (2013)
Faroeste caboclo: Focusing on the love story of outlaw Joao do Santo Cristo with Architecture major student Maria Lucia, the movie takes place in Brasilia in the early 80s. In a clash of interest, drug dealers and the police conflict with one another,while the end of the military dictatorship in the Capital of Brazil, Brasilia takes place.
 1812h 0r
no image
Two Drifters (2005)
Two Drifters: Pedro and Rui kiss after a first-anniversary dinner; Pedro drives home, dying en route in a crash. Another pair of lovers, Odete and Alberto, split over her desire to have a child. Pedro lived in Odete's building. She attends the wake, stealing a ring, a last gift from Rui, from Pedro's finger. She behaves hysterically at the graveside, and later, wearing Pedro's ring, she insists she's carrying Pedro's child. Rui grieves as well, drinking too much and seeing Pedro's apparition. Odete's obsession intrudes on Rui, whose grief makes him vulnerable to her hysteria. Can this end well?
 1926h 0r
no image
UFC: Ultimate Brazil (1999)
UFC: Ultimate Brazil: UFC Ultimate Brazil: UFC Brazil: Ultimate Brazil (also known as UFC 17.5) was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship in S?o Paulo, Brazil on October 16th, 1998.
 1690h 0r
no image
Anjos do Sol (2006)
Anjos do Sol: In 2002, 12-year-old Maria, living in dire poverty with her family, is sold by her fisherman father to prostitute recruiter Seu Tadeu, who takes her to a low-class brothel in the Amazon region. While she suffers innumerable abuses, Maria only thinks of escaping the horrible conditions she's faced with.
 2289h 0r
no image
Hour of the Star (1986)
Hour of the Star: Macabea has just moved to the big city after her aunt, who raised her, died. She gets a job as a typist and moves into a boarding house with three other women. In her spare time she listens to time Radio Station; on Sundays she likes to ride the subways. She describes herself saying, "I am a typist and a virgin, and I like Coca-Cola." Then she meets Olimpico, a north-easterner like herself, who has dreams of becoming a Congressman.
 1624h 0r
no image
Latitudes (2014)
Latitudes: 'Latitudes', a modern love story shot in 8 different countries, tells the story of Olivia (Alice Braga) and Jose (Daniel de Oliveira), two travellers who have one-night stands in legendary hotels every time they meet accidentally as they wander around the world on business trips. At first an idealised, secretive relationship by two jet-setters, the story becomes one of how to cope with all the real life challenges waiting for the two outside the hotel room.
 2149h 0r
no image
Satanic Attraction (1990)
Satanic Attraction: Fernanda, a radio DJ, has a show in which she tells gruesome and gory horror stories about satanic rituals and sex murders. However, when bodies start turning up around town killed in exactly the way Fernanda describes on her show, it looks like someone or some group is using her show to get ideas.
 1405h 0r
no image
Proibido Proibir (2006)
Proibido Proibir: The story of three friends in Rio de Janeiro: Leon (Alexandre Rodrigues), a sociology student; his girlfiend Leticia (Maria Flor)... See full synopsis »
 2089h 0r
no image
Finis Hominis (1971)
Finis Hominis: Stark naked man comes out from the sea and begins to walk the streets, interfering in daily episodes, always in search of justice. He names himself Finis Hominis (The End of Man, in latin), and soon becomes sort of a modern Messiah, capable of performing miracles. An adulterous woman and a cheated husband are among his most faithful followers, as well as a group of hippies.
 1589h 0r
no image
Mau Mau Maria (2014)
Mau Mau Maria: Three brothers try desperately to find the women of their lives so they can fulfill their father's wish and save their future as the family heirs.
 1624h 0r
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