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Tekkon kinkurîto (2007) - animation / action / adventure
aka: Tekkonkinkreet
Tekkonkinkreet takes place in Treasure Town, a city with a fluid sense of reality—in most ways it seems like a gritty Japanese metropolis, but several characters, including our two heroes, Black and White, have supernatural powers. Black and White are street kids who can fly, and who watch over Treasure Town, though the source of their powers and their history as a crime-fighting team is murky—among the many storytelling flaws in Tekkonkinkreet is the fact that it's a superhero movie that never bothers to fully explore the mythology of its heroes. Once one gets past the vague sense of context and setting, however, the film settles into a mostly compelling story in which Black and White, who have exceptional fighting as well as flying skills, take on a combination of Yakuza gangsters and alien assassins who are trying to take control of Treasure Town. The specifics of this battle are regularly glossed over or ignored, but Arias keeps the audience hooked with a series of dynamically edited action sequences and a structure that keeps the film moving from one set piece to the next with a minimum of slow spots.

 18076h 0r
Ibara no O (2010) - animation / adventure / horror
aka: King of Thorn
 8097h 0r
Gekijouban Makurosu F: Itsuwari no utahime (2009) - action / adventure / animation
aka: Macross F - False Diva
The galaxy songstress Sheryl Nome Ranka Lee Alto Saotome friends are traveling space along with the New Macross class ship -Macross Frontier- that contains 10 million citizens in search for new planets in which humankind can develop and progress. The perils of space are vast as itself the threat from the alien insect-like race Vajra will push all Macross Frontier fleet to an edge is this the ultimate humankind enemy or is there something even worse in space. Music songs will prove one of the most valuable human assets in the space even more powerful than combat VF mechas as it can reach not only humans but the space and beyond.
 5096h 0r
Pokemon - Mewtwo Returns (2000) - adventure / animation / family
In this direct-to-video sequel to Pokémon: The First Movie, Ash, Misty, and Brock continue exploring the Johto region, then have to rescue Pikachu after Jessie and James of Team Rocket kidnap him. The search leads them to the hidden plateau where Mewtwo has established a haven for the cloned Pokémon from the previous film. The evil Giovanni is plotting to recapture Mewtwo and renew his efforts to create an army of bio-engineered Pokémon. Aided by the reluctant Meowth, Ash and his friends defeat Giovanni and his henchman.
 10460h 0r
Gake no ue no Ponyo (2009) - animation / adventure / family
aka: Ponyo on the Cliff
An animated adventure centered on a 5-year-old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who longs to become human.
 8867h 0r
 3769h 0r
Yôtôden (1987) - animation / adventure / fantasy
Watch Yôtôden:
 5529h 0r
Toraberâzu: Jigen keisatsu (2013) - action / adventure / sci-fi
Watch Toraberâzu: Jigen keisatsu: Dimension Police top agent Ai (Nao Nagasawa) travels to a parallel dimension to catch a criminal from a different world. When she is about to catch the criminal, her former partner Yui (Ayumi Kinoshita) appears. Yui is now a member of the terrorist organization "Dauto". Haruka (Yuko Takayama), who possesses psychic powers, becomes the target of "Dauto". In order to protect Haruka, Ai travels to a "fairy" world. There Ai meets Yui again.
 5545h 0r
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986) - family / action / adventure / animation
The once benevolent King Gurumes has become greedy after discovering a large supply of blood rubies under his kingdom. His greed causes him to tear up his subjects' crops and homes in search of more, resulting in him being cursed and transformed into a monster. He now scours the earth looking for the seven dragon balls, which, once brought together, summon a mighty dragon that grants one wish - a wish which might ease his unending hunger. The king's henchmen find that it is not so easy to steal the dragon ball from Goku, who, once he discovers the plight of the kingdom, decides to free the land from the king's oppression.
 3768h 0r
Beruseruku: Ougon jidaihen I - Haou no tamago (2012) - animation / action / adventure / fantasy / horror / drama / war
This arc is a flashback showing Guts' youth and what led him to become the "Black Swordsman". Guts grows up as a young mercenary until his enrollment in the Band of the Hawk. He develops complex relationships with Casca and Griffith, the Band's charismatic leader and holder of the Crimson Behelit, who leads the Band to its rise to prominence within the Midland army. Griffith is elevated from his commoner status to the nobility, causing some resentment, and after sleeping with the King's daughter, Griffith is imprisoned, and the Hawks are declared outlaws. The Hawks manage to rescue Griffith, only to find him broken mentally and physically. From a conventional medieval European background, the story shifts to fantasy and horror, with the apparition of the Eclipse ceremony that ends with the destruction of the Band, as per Griffith's sacrifice in order to become Femto, the fifth member of the God Hand, and reclaim his path towards his dream. Only with help from the enigmatic Skull Knight, were Guts and Casca able to survive. Unbelievably distraught over what transpired, Guts vows vengeance against Griffith and commits to his own personal war against the entities known as Apostles that slaughtered the Band of the Hawk.
 4579h 0r
Jûsan-nin no shikaku (2010) - action / drama / adventure
aka: 13 Assassins, aka: 13 Assassins *subtitled*
A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.
 16639h 0r
Princess Mononoke (1997) - animation / adventure / fantasy
A prince is infected with an incurable disease by a possessed boar/god. He is to die unless he can find a cure to rid the curse from his body. It seems that his only hope is to travel to the far east. When he arrives to get help from the deer god, he finds himself in the middle of a battle between the animal inhabitants of the forest and an iron mining town that is exploiting and killing the forest. Leading the forest animals in the battle is a human raised by wolves, Princess Mononoke.
 16317h 0r
Sector 7 (2011) - action / adventure / horror
Something awaits 8,000 feet under the sea off the southern tip of Jeju Island. The Eclipse is the offshore drilling rig stationed at Sector 7... 
 3847h 0r
Gekijô-ban Naruto shippûden (2007) - animation / action / adventure / family / fantasy
Demons that once almost destroyed the world, are revived by someone. To prevent the world from being destroyed, the demon has to be sealed and the only one who can do it is the shrine maiden Shion from the country of demons, who has two powers; one is sealing demons and the other is predicting the deaths of humans. This time Naruto's mission is to guard Shion, but she predicts Naruto's death. The only way to escape it, is to get away from Shion, which would leave her unguarded, then the demon, whose only goal is to kill Shion will do so, thus meaning the end of the world. Naruto decides to challenge this "prediction of death." credits to animenewsnetwork.
 5915h 0r
Summer Wars (2009) - comedy / adventure / animation / sci-fi
Kenji Koiso, an eleventh grade math genius, agrees to take a summer job at the Nagano hometown of his crush...
 7586h 0r
Spirited Away (2001) - adventure / animation / family / fantasy
In the middle of her family's move to the suburbs, a sullen 10-year-old girl wanders into a world ruled by gods, witches, and monsters; where humans are changed into animals; and a bathhouse for these creatures.
 9930h 0r
Zatoichi Meets The One-Armed Swordsman (1971) - action / adventure / drama
aka: The Blind Swordsman Meets His Equal, aka: Zatoichi and the One Armed Swordsman, aka: Zatoichi Meets the 1-Arm Swordsman, aka: Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman, aka: Zatoichi Meets His Equal, aka: Zatoichi Meets His Match, aka: Zatôichi 22, aka: Shin zatô Ichi: Yabure! Tôjin-ken, aka: 新座頭市・破れ!唐人剣
Zatoichi the blind masseur and crack swordsman finds trouble in the edge of town in this 22nd installment of the classic samurai film series. When Zatoichi confronts the master Chinese martial artist Wang Kang and his young traveling companion, the blind swordsman finds that the duo are trying to escape from a group of terroristic samurai who have killed the boy's parents. Zatoichi agrees to help them, but the rescue becomes complicated when he must rescue not only Wang Kang and the boy, but also everyone who they meet along the way!
 6604h 0r
Gojira: Fainaru uôzu (2004) - action / adventure / fantasy
aka: Godzilla: Final Wars
Godzilla's 50th Anniversary project, in which Gojira (Godzilla) travels around the world to fight his old foes plus a new, mysterious monster named Monster X.
 10386h 0r
The Hidden Fortress (1958) - action / adventure / comedy / drama
The Hidden Fortress: The story follows two greedy peasants in feudal Japan, Tahei and Matashichi, who are returning home from a failed attempt to profit from a war between neighboring clans. En Route they encounter the remnants of the defeated tribe that consists, most notably, of a famous General and a Princess who are hiding out in a fortress in the mountains. General Rokurota Makabe and Princess Yuki need to escape into allied territory with their large supply of gold so that they can rebuild their shattered clan. To do this the Peasants are tricked into helping them, with the promise that they will receive a large share of the gold when the destination is reached. Along the way, the General's prowess is...
 3052h 0r
Dejimon Teimâzu - Bôkensha tachi no tatakai (2001) - action / adventure / animation
aka: Digimon: Battle of Adventurers
The appearance of Mephistomon causes Bio-Merging of Digimon to happen all around the world and it's up to the Tamers to stop him.
 3516h 0r
Bleach: Memories of Nobody (2006) - animation / action / adventure / fantasy
aka: Gekijōban Bleach: Memories of Nobody, aka: 劇場版BLEACH [ブリーチ] MEMORIES OF NOBODY, aka: 死神-劇場版
English subtitles

In Karakura Town, unidentifiable spirits begin appearing en masse. While attempting to deal with these strange souls, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki meet Senna, a mysterious shinigami who wipes out most of them fairly quickly. Senna refuses to answer any questions, so Ichigo is forced to follow her while Rukia tries to find out what's going on.
 9937h 0r
Naruto Movie 3 (2006) - animation / action / adventure
aka: Naruto The Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, aka: Gekijô-ban Naruto: Daikôfun! Mikazukijima no animaru panikku dattebayo, aka: 大興奮!みかづき島のアニマル騒動だってばよ!, aka: Dai Kōfun! Mikazuki-jima no Animaru Panikku Dattebayo!
lee kakashi sakura and naruto's mission!
 19236h 0r
蒼き狼 地果て海尽きるまで (2007) - adventure
aka: Aoki Ôkami: chi hate umi tsukiru made, aka: Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea, aka: The Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea, aka: The Blue Wolf

A look at Genghis Khan's life, from his birth to conquests in Asia.
 57674h 0r
Miyamoto Musashi (1944) - adventure
Shinobu and her brother Genichiro plead with the famous swordsman Musashi Miyamoto to teach them swordsmanship to avenge their father's death. The killers of their father see the sister and brother practicing with Miyamoto, and so enlist the help of another powerful swordsman, Kojiro Sasaki, which gives Sasaki an excuse to battle Miyamoto. This movie was made during the last years of WWII in Japan. The story holds up even today.
 4247h 0r
The Bored Hatamoto: The Kaga Conspiracy (1993) - action / adventure
aka: Gozonji! Hatamoto Taikutsu Otoko
One of the most popular motion picture series of all time, "The Bored Hatamoto" (Crescent Scarred Samurai) has been revived by talented young actor Kitaoji Kinya, the son of Ichikawa Utaemon, who made the role famous in more than 25 films. Saotome Mondonosuke is a "Hatamoto" or direct retainer of the Shogun. This is his second movie, coming off the hit TV series about the Bored Hatamoto.
The crescent shaped scar on his forehead is a license given him by the Shogun to kill anyone he deems to be a villain. A strong performance that reflects well upon his father, with interesting stories, these films are required viewing.
When Saotome hears rumors of a Daimyo's plot to overthrow the Shogun, he launches an investigation. With the help of his sister Kikuji, his stewart, Kinai and a mysterious woman they begin to unravel the web of treachery.
 2149h 0r
The Bored Hatamoto: The Mysterious Cape (1963) - action / adventure
aka: Hatamoto Taikutsu Otoko: Nazo no Ryujin Misaki
Ryujin Misaki (Cape Dragon), located at the edge of the Genkai Sea, is known as an isolation ward for leprosy patients. When Saotome Mondonosuke, a master swordsman and 'Hatamoto' (direct retainer of the Shogun), hears news of a doctor gone missing, he begins to suspect that things are not what they seem at Ryujin Misaki.
 2089h 0r
Nemuri Kysoshiro: The Man With no Tomorrow (1995) - action / adventure
This is the third out of 4 movies in the Nemuri Kyoshiro series starring Masakazu. Kyoshiro discovers a plot to have an impostor succeed to the Shogunate. He journeys to Kyoto to help Tokugawa Iyeoshi, the Shogun, maintain the succession rightfully. The Nemuri Kyoshiro character is played by noted actor Tamura Masakazu, fresh from his portrayal of Kyoshiro in the TV series.
 1896h 0r
Bloody Shuriken (1965) - action / adventure
aka: Akai shuriken
Japanese super-star Ichikawa Raizo stars as Ibuki Shinnosuke, a master knife thrower whose signature red-handled knives leave a bloody trail wherever he travels. Arriving in the lawless town of Shukuba, where three families, the Sumiya, Hotoke, and Kanzo are competing to rule the area, he is hired as a bodyguard by Sumiya. In response, the other two hire assassins with the intent of killing Ibuki and taking over the town.
 2241h 0r
The Magoichi Saga (1969) - action / adventure
aka: Shirikurae Magoichi
Based on historical events in mid 1500's Japan, this mix of history and fiction stars Shintaro Katsu in a non-action role and Kinnosuke Nakamura as a gifted sharpshooter not a samurai as in his other films. Kenji Misumi, a noted film stylist, and in a few years the director of some of the legendary Lone Wolf films is orchestrating the story.
 2790h 0r
Onmitsu Kenshi: The Detective Fencer (1964) - action / adventure / history
aka: Spy Swordsman,
This is one of two feature films made in 1964 based on the wildly popular Japanese sixties television series "The Samurai". One of the best ninja versus samurai films of all time features the great Ose Koichi as "Shintaro, the Samurai" getting involved in the intrigue between the Iga and Koga ninja. While helping a wounded agent of the Iga, Shintaro is attacked by Koga agents who think he received an item that they had already killed in an effort to obtain. While he did not receive any item, the dying Iga ninja had whispered a cryptic phrase to him; something that would lead him into the middle of an attempt to overthrow the Shogunate and threaten his very life. Can Shintaro's expert swordsmanship defeat the deadly skills of the Koga ninja, a group of heartless assassins like no other?
 2267h 0r
Lord Mito: Komon Voyage to Ezo (1961) - action / adventure / history
aka: Mito komon umi o wataru
Daiei Film Company's three biggest stars shine in this exciting story about Vice-Shogun Mito Komon's journey to the land of the Ainu. As the shogun's uncle, Lord Mito traveled about the nation seeking to make sure that corruption and injustice did not go unpunished. Traveling together with his two faithful bodyguards Kaku and Suke, they board ship for a voyage to the far northern island of Ezo (modern day Hokkaido) where the indigenous people called "Ainu" live.
Somewhat like American Indians, the Ainu had their own culture which had not been subjugated by the Matsumae clan, rulers of the vast island. A revolt is brewing within the leadership of the Ainu, which threatens to destroy their peaceful lives. The elder lord and his retinue are the only ones who can stop this reign of terror
 2568h 0r
The Hoodlum Soldier (1965) - comedy / adventure / war
aka: Heitai yakuza
This is the first in the 9 film Hoodlum Soldier series (aka Heitai yakuza). Shintaro Katsu, star of the Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman movies, begins a new film series as a former yakuza drafted into the Japanese Army during WWII. He is befriended by an intellectual conscientious objector serving with him in Manchuria. The brutality both are subjected too leads to them stealing a train. An insightful comedy/drama.
 3000h 0r
Detective Hibari [1] Case of the Golden Hairpins (1958) - action / comedy / adventure
aka: Hibari torimonocho: Kanzashi koban
This is the first "Detective Hibari" movie, chronicling the adventures of a female detective in Shogunate era Japan. This first case takes HIbari and her two sidekicks down many dark alleys trying to find out why a beauty queen was murdered w/her golden hairpin she'd just won in the beauty contest.

More info
Hibari was a gigantic post-war hit-making singer who was said to have helped Japan heal from defeat with her love songs that were listened to as though to a nation.
One of these songs spoke of "your judo spirit" which just melts the heart, & has emotional impact even if you don't understand the language. Several of her songs remain to this day as "standards" as the best of an Edith Piaf or Judy Garland.
And like Judy Garland, she started out entertaining when she was just a kid. Born in Yokohama in 1937, of Korean descent, she was originally named Kazue Kato.
Her performance name Hibari Misora means "Songbird in a Beautiful Sky." She began filming her first feature at age 11 & by age twelve was already a household name throughout Japan.
She died rather young, at age 52, of a hepatitis-related illness, though it was given out that she died of pneumonia because of the associations of chronic hepatis with drug use.
She looks quite ill in her final concert, called The Phoenix Concert (Fushichou Konsaato, 1988) because it was widely believed she was getting well. She was in fact in great pain that night. She could've been mistaken for a woman fifteen years older, but her voice was still in great shape, & as it turned out, it was to be her farewell concert, & a great one happily recorded for posterity.
Hibari was a lesbian (once married & quickly divorced late her life) & because another singing actress from America was internationally believed to be the same (whether true or not), Hibari was frequently called "The Japanese Doris Day." Though in terms of talent I really do think Piaf is a better comparison.
Her co-stars in Hibari torimonocho: Kanzashi Koban were Kotaro Satomi as a ronin & leading man, plus Chiyonosuke Azuma, Shunji (aka Junji) Sakai, Kenji Susukida & Koinosuke Onoe
 2775h 0r
Hell's Windmill aka Umon Torimonocho (1960) - action / adventure / mystery
aka: "Jigoku no kazeku-ruma" (original title)
This is the second film in "Umon, The Constable of Edo" series. Umon Torimonocho - Hell's Windmill
Umon's services are called upon when innocent bystanders, Okayo and Minokichi, along with the ronin, Gontaro are mistakenly identified as suspects in several recent murder cases.
To prove their innocence and uncover the truth, Umon launches his own investigation. Known as THE Constable of Edo, Kondo Umon is a handsome and wise detective who uses his skills to catch the true perpetrator of vicious crimes.
In addition to having to deal with the criminal element, he must also contend with the "Pock-marked" constable for the North Magistrate, Keishiro. A man as incompetent as he is ugly.
Umon, together with his number one follower 'Talkative' Denroku must unravel the mystery before Keishiro can foolishly ruin the lives of the young lovers. There's plenty of action, mystery, and suspense in this thrilling story of good triumphing over evil.
 2364h 0r
Samurai Secret Agent (1983) - action / adventure
aka: Mittei
A master swordsman is ordered to go undercover on a mission to find and destroy a cannon factory being used by two samurai clans that try to usurp power and gain the position of shogun for one of their own.
 2258h 0r
Date Masamune:The One-Eyed Dragon (1942) - action / adventure / history
aka: Doku-ganryu Masamune, The Hawk of The North
Long thought to be one of the lost treasures of Japanese cinema that had been destroyed by MacArthur’s Occupation forces, this brilliant portrait of samurai warlord Date Masamune has recently been found and restored to its original form in a digital print that brings this classic tale to DVD with English subtitles. From his early youth as an aggressive warrior, through battles upon battles until he had subdued virtually all of his enemies, only to fall short of taking over the country because he had been born too late this is an exciting and valuable motion picture. Great warlord action abounds throughout with a story that must be told!
 1760h 0r
The Kisaragi Sword (1962) - action / adventure
aka: Kisaragi Muso ken
This is the tale of seven master swordsmen who band together to play an active role against the group planning to kill the 8th Tokugawa Shogun, Yoshimune and take over his position.

Included in the group are a chivalrous robber, a highly skilled magistrate, and a masterless samurai for hire, just to name a few. The screenplay is based on the novel "Kisaragi Kenshi" written by the distinguished author GOMI Yasusuke.

Some of the greatest luminaries of the silver screen star in this highly entertaining production, as the Owari Clan aims to annihilate the okugawa Shogunate by sending men to Kodenmacho Prison to start a riot. Meanwhile, chief government magistrate O'OKA Echizen has become suspicious of what's going on, and has begun to investigate.

The master of Mikazuki Castle, RYUDO Tsukinosuke, who is an official in Aki (old name for Hiroshima), and Yoshimune's best friend is called upon to help. Can he save the life of his friend, or will the evil plot win out? An All-star cast and lots of action makes this movie into a real treat for any fan of samurai cinema!
 1841h 0r
Case of a Young Lord (1956) - action / adventure / mystery
As a result of illness and unemployment, Yamaoka Tatewaki, a "Hatamoto" (or direct vassal of the Shogun), pawned his family heirloom, a valuable Gosu plate for 100 ryo. When, of all occasions, Yokogawa Dewa came to visit and asked to see the Gosu plate on May 5th, Boy's Festival. Yamaoka then sent his steward to borrow the plate back, but the pawnbroker coldheartedly refused. He died soon thereafter of an unknown cause.

Soon after that, two warehouses were broken into, but nothing was taken. When Detective Shokichi seeks the help of Young lord samurai, in solving these mysterious crimes that plague the town he takes the case and immediately surmises that the thief was looking for something special.

Could the answer be hidden in the coffin of a deceased merchant who had his most valuable things buried with him. The tension mounts and the mystery deepens. Can Young lord solve the case?
 1793h 0r
Blooded Spear (1959) - action / adventure
In 1701, the ruling shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi placed Asano Takumi-no-kami Naganori, the lord of Ako, in charge of a reception of envoys from the Imperial Court in Kyoto. He also appointed the protocol official Kira Kozuke-no-suke Yoshinaka to instruct Asano in the ceremonies.

On the day of the reception, at Edo Castle, Asano drew his short sword and attempted to kill Kira after he had insulted Asano. For this, he was sentenced to commit seppuku, but Kira went without punishment.

The Shogunate confiscated Asano's lands and dismissed the samurai who had served him, making them ronin.
While waiting for an opportunity for revenge on his late master's death, Ako soldier Sugino meets a skilled spear fighter Tawaraboshi Genban who trains him on mastering the art of spear fighting.
Another great Chushingura movie version, and with an amazing all-star cast, a must see!
 1892h 0r
Kunisada Chuji (1958) - action / adventure
aka: On National Authority
Kunisada Chuji is a common folk hero who looks out for poor people in the country who are at the mercy of corrupt officials. Intent on fulfilling a dying wish from one of his henchmen, Asataro, to find a decent home for his young nephew, Chuji descends from his hide-out in the mountain, and heads to the city in spite of numerous dangers that await him there.
 1863h 0r
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