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La vie en rose (2007) - history / biography / drama
aka: La môme
The life story of singer Edith Piaf.
 9813h 0r
Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) - adventure / biography / documentary / sci-fi
Po joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon.
 7864h 0r
Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life (2010) - biography / drama / music
Lucien Ginsburg, a rebellious French Jewish boy with a grotesque imagination, hates playing the piano like his father, a bar professional, and manages to be admitted to Montmartre Academy as painter, where he befriends an SS officer who helps him survive he occupation. After the war, he chooses to become a performing artist and adopts the stage name Serge Gainsbourg. His unorthodox songs bring him success, even his parents's approval, and lots of lovers, yet his marriages are all utter failures.
 3031h 0r
Sade (2000) - biography / crime / drama / history
Many noble families are locked in a chateau due to the French Revolution. The infamous Marquis de Sade is there and is generally shunned by the others. A teen-aged girl befriends him behind her parents back and learns about him and life in general. He initiates her into sexual exploration and leads her to become an independent, sexually-liberated woman.
 5343h 0r
The Story of Adele H (1975) - biography / drama / history
Halifax, 1863. A young woman, Miss Lewly, comes to Halifax to search for Lt Pinson, with whom she is madly in love. Actually, she is Adèle Hugo, the second daughter of the great French literary figure and statesman. The Lt Pinson does not answer to her love and makes her understand it is hopeless. But as her obsession grows she keeps chasing and harassing him. This film about passionate yet obsessive love and self-destruction is based upon the real diary of Adèle Hugo.
 2767h 0r
(1991) - biography / drama / music / romance
It's late 17th century. The viola da gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe comes home to find that his wife died while he was away. In his grief he builds a small house in his garden into wich he moves to dedicate his life to music and his two young daughters Madeleine and Toinette, avoiding the outside world. Rumor about him and his music is widespread, and even reaches to the court of Louis XIV, who wants him at his court in Lully's orchestra, but Monsieur de Sainte Colombe refuses. One day a young man, Marin Marais, comes to see him with a request, he wants to be taught how to play the viol.
 3086h 0r
Murderous Maids (2000) - biography / crime / drama
On February 2nd 1933, in the town of Le Mans, in the West of France, two sisters, Christine Papin, 27, and her younger sister Léa Papin, 21, brutally killed their employer Mrs. Ancelin and her daughter Geneviève. Why did they commit this horrifying murder? As a result of an unhappy childhood? Because they could no longer stand being commanded and exploited by arrogant bourgeois employers? Because their incestuous relationship had been exposed? The film tries to answer these questions and make us understand why and how the two sisters turned from meek sheep to bloody monsters.
 2248h 0r
no image
Camille Claudel (1988) - drama / biography / history / romance
Biography of Camille Claudel. Sister of writer Paul Claudel, her enthusiasm impresses already-famous sculptor Auguste Rodin...
 2786h 0r
no image
Intouchables (2011) - drama / comedy / biography
After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.
 4339h 0r
no image
Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon (2007) - drama / biography
The true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralyzed body; only his left eye isn't paralyzed.
 2873h 0r
no image
Hitchcock (2012) - drama / biography
A love story between influential filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville during the filming of Psycho in 1959.
 5647h 0r
no image
Hunger (2008) - drama / biography / history
Irish republican Bobby Sands leads the inmates of a Northern Irish prison in a hunger strike.
 3904h 0r
no image
The Intouchables (2011) - drama / comedy / biography
After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.
 6282h 0r
no image
Bound For Glory (1976) - drama / biography
This film is an excellent biography of Woody Guthrie, one of America's greatest folk singers. He left his dust-devastated Oklahoma home in the 1930s to find work, and discovered the suffering and strength of America's working class.
 1927h 0r
no image
Les Saveurs Du Palais (2012) - comedy / biography
The story of Danièle Delpeuch and how she was appointed as the private chef for François Mitterrand.
 2055h 0r
no image
Yves Saint Laurent (2014) - biography / drama
<b>Yves Saint Laurent</b>: A look at the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent from the beginning of his career in 1958 when he met his lover and business partner, Pierre Berge.
 2975h 0r
no image
Rise Of The Footsoldier (2007) - action / biography / crime
Rise of the Footsoldier follows the inexorable rise of Carlton Leach from one of the most feared generals...
 2528h 0r
no image
Invictus (2009) - drama / biography / history
Nelson Mandela, in his first term as the South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup.
 3574h 0r
no image
Lincoln (2012) - drama / biography
As the Civil War continues to rage, America's president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield and as he fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves.
 6624h 0r
no image
John Rabe (2009) - drama / biography / history
A true-story account of a German businessman who saved more than 200,000 Chinese during the Nanjing massacre in 1937-38.
 2538h 0r
no image
The New World (2005) - drama / biography / history / romance
The English exploration of Virginia, and Pocahontas' loves and her changing world.
 3612h 0r
no image
The Devil's Double (2011) - drama / biography
A chilling vision of the House of Saddam Hussein comes to life through the eyes of the man who was forced to become the double of Hussein's sadistic son.
 2554h 0r

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