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One-Eyed Jacks (1961) - western
One-Eyed Jacks Not only did Marlon Brando star in this compelling and fascinating 1961 Western, but it is also the legendary actor's only directorial effort. In the old West of 1880, Kid Rio (Marlon Brando) and his partner "Dad" Longworth (Karl Malden) are discovered robbing a bank on the Mexican border. Longworth abandons the young man and escapes with the loot, leaving Rio to be captured and jailed. After five long years, an unrepentant Rio is released and, with a new gang, plans a bank robbery in the town of Monterey. However, Rio is surprised to find that Longworth has since become a respectable sheriff in the California town. Though always living in fear of Rio's return, the older man has married and become stepfather to the woman's grown daughter Louisa (Pina Pellicer). Rio feigns forgiveness, but all the while plots revenge against his double-crossing former partner. More complications arise when Rio falls in love with the beautiful Louisa. The emotional and power struggles begin to turn as Longworth suspects Rio's true motives!
 12759h 0r
Winchester '73 (1950) - western
The journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another parallels a cowboy's search for a murderous fugitive.
 5435h 0r
The Bravados (1958) - western
Jim Douglas has been relentlessly pursuing the four outlaws who murdered his wife, but finds them in jail about to be hanged. While he waits to witness their execution, they escape; and the townspeople enlist Douglas' aid to recapture them.
 4382h 0r
Redemption: A Mile from Hell (2009) - western
Can one act justify a lifetime of wickedness? Explore the darkest confines of the soul from upcoming director Robert Conway's film, "Redemption." A genre busting Western where there is no law, no good guys; only the bad and worse. Frank Harden is no stranger to the unlawful west, he is a killer. However, because of a tragic event he must battle his own worst enemy, himself.
 11382h 0r
 4200h 0r
Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942) - comedy / western / musical
Two peanut vendors at a rodeo show get in trouble with their boss and hide out on a railroad train heading west. They get jobs as cowboys on a dude ranch, despite the fact that neither of them knows anything about cowboys, horses, or anything else.
 5345h 0r
Blood River (2009) - horror / thriller / western
A psychological thriller following a married couple on their way to visit family. After a blowout on a desolate stretch of highway in Nevada, they head to the next town but discover it is abandoned. Here they meet a mysterious stranger that changes everything.
 5797h 0r
The Showdown (2009) - western
U.S. Marshal Canfield finds himself up against the local gang of horse thieves and gunslingers in a showdown to save
his love Dixie and her son from death.
 6538h 0r
The Proud and the Damned (1972) - western
A group of five Confederate mercenaries led by Sergeant Will Hansen must choose sides carefully in a small village where they find themselves trapped in the middle of a rebellion. The group is torn as to whether they should honor the powerful military dictator who forces them to spy for him or help the local village fight for its independence. Follow Sergeant Hansen and his men as they make a decision that could cost them their lives.
 3855h 0r
The Terror of Tiny Town (1938) - comedy / musical / western
An evil gunslinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue.
 3840h 0r
In Pursuit of Honor (1995) - drama / western
A group of cavalry men defy orders to destroy hundreds of army horses. Having disobeyed a direct order, the men are pursued by the military, but now the bullets aren't just aimed at the horses.
 2753h 0r
The Donner Party (2009) - western
Based on the real events of The Donner Party tragedy. The Donner Party was a group of California-bound American settlers caught up in the western expansion of the 1840s. After becoming snowbound in the Sierra Nevada during the winter of 1846-1847, a number of the trapped settlers joined together in a final effort to reach California and organize a rescue party.
 3012h 0r
 3248h 0r
Curse of the Undead (1959) - horror / western
aka: Mark of the West
The cinema's first vampire Western! Young women in a small Western town are dying one by one of an unknown malady involving massive blood loss. The Carter family's ranch is being terrorized by ruthless land baron Buffer. And a mysterious black-clad gunfighter with an aversion to sunlight has just arrived in town.
 2989h 0r
Straight to Hell (1987) - action / comedy / western
Straight to Hell - A gang of bank robbers with a suitcase full of money go to the desert to hide out. After burying the loot, they find their way to a surreal town full of cowboys who drink an awful lot of coffee. The townspeople are hostile to the outsiders at first, but seem to accept them once they've killed a couple of people. After a while, a mysterious man named Dade arrives, who seems to have unpleasant business to settle with the robbers. A free-for-all shoot-em-up ensues.
 4519h 0r
Wildfire (1945) - western
Wildfire: Fanning has his men rustle horses and then blame it on a wild horse named Wildfire. Happy and Alkali arrive and immediately get into trouble with Fanning and his men. When Alkali is shot, Happy catches the outlaws but the Judge not only releases them, he discharges the Sheriff and tries to arrest Happy for rustling. Happy escapes and he and the Sheriff then set out to prove who the real rustlers are.
 3371h 0r
The Missing (2003) - western
In 1885 New Mexico, a frontier medicine woman forms an uneasy alliance with her estranged father when her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache brujo.
 19744h 0r
Broken Trail (2006) - western
After Print Miller feels guilty about inheriting his nephew's mother's house and partners up with him to drive horses for for sale in an eventful journey.
 3376h 0r
Il richiamo del lupo (1975) - adventure / western
An orphan, his wild dog, Buck, and a dance-hall queen thwart a Yukon bully in the gold rush town of Dawson City.
 3233h 0r
Rancho River (1966) - action / drama / romance / western
When her husband dies en route to America, Martha Price and her daughter Hilary are left to carry out his dream: the introduction of Hereford cattle into the American West. They enlist Sam "Bulldog" Burnett in their efforts to transport their lone bull, a Hereford named Vindicator, to a breeder in Texas, but the trail is fraught with danger and even Burnett doubts the survival potential of this "rare breed" of cattle.
 2835h 0r
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (1937) - western / action / mystery / romance
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen: Tex is up against a group of hooded outlaws. When he shoots one, he uses the hood to infiltrate the gang. Almost caught by them, he escapes only to be arrested by the Sheriff who thinks he's one of the gang.
 2441h 0r
The Last Cowboy (2003) - drama / western
The Last Cowboy: John William 'Will' Cooper is a modern-day rancher, maintaining his ranch in hard times along with his friend and foreman Amos Russell. When Will's estranged daughter Jake returns to the ranch for her grandfather's funeral, father and daughter clash over how to run the ranch and over the death years before of Jake's mother, which she blames on Will. Crisis comes in the form of insurmountable debt, and it is only by working together that Will and Jake have any chance of saving their home and their family.
 3721h 0r
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (2000) - horror / western
Set 100 years ago in Mexico, this horror/western is the story of the birth of the vampire princess Santanico Pandemonium.
 4570h 0r
La collina degli stivali (1969) - western / comedy
aka: Boot Hill
Victims of oppressive town boss Honey are offered help by an unusual alliance of gunmen and circus performers
 5098h 0r
Wagons East (1994) - western
In the 1860's Wild West, when a ragged bunch of misfit settlers decide they cannot stand living in their current situation, they hire a grizzled cowboy to take them on a journey back to their hometowns east.
 4001h 0r
Tombstone (1993) - western
Wyatt Earp along with his brothers and their wives move to Tombstone to start a new life putting his life as a lawman and gunslinger behind him. Also coming to Tombstone is Wyatt's good friend, Doc Holliday. However, it turns out that "The Cowboys" a group of men, among whose members include The Clantons, pretty much act as if they are above the law. Wyatt would be asked to be Marshall but rejects the offer but his brother, Virgil who can't stomach the violence around him accepts the job over Wyatt's objections. Eventually a confrontation between them and The Cowboys is going to happen. And who will survive?
 9349h 0r
Young Guns II (1990) - action / western
aka: Young Guns II: Blaze of Glory
Billy "The Kid" and his gang is wanted by the law, and when "Doc" Scurlock and Chavez are captured, Billy has to save them. They escape and set south for Mexico. "Let's hire a thief to catch one", John S. Chisum said, so he paid Pat Barrett, one of Billy's former partners, $1000 for the killing of William H. Bonney aka Billy "The Kid".
 6842h 0r
Brokeback Mountain (2005) - western
Based on the 'E. Annie Proulx' story about a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years.
 17749h 0r
Undead or Alive (2007) - comedy / horror / western
aka: Undead Or Alive: A Zombedy
Elmer Winslow is a soldier on the run from the Union Army, and Luke Budd is a cowboy with a broken heart. When the two misfits rob the corrupt sheriff of an old west town, they have no idea that a plague of zombies is sweeping the country, or that Geronimo's sexy niece may be their only hope of survival.
 8600h 0r
Bandidas (2006) - western / action / comedy / crime
In turn-of-the-century Mexico, two very different women become a bank-robbing duo in an effort to combat a ruthless enforcer terrorizing their town.
 12338h 0r
Blood River (1967) - action / western
In this violent spaghetti western a murderous robber hijacks a payroll train, murders everyone aboard and then stashes his loot...
 2384h 0r
Breaker Breaker (1977) - action / adventure / crime / western
Truck driver searches for his brother, who has disappeared in a town run by a corrupt judge.
 2368h 0r
Cold Harvest (1999) - action / sci-fi / western
A bounty hunter protects his dead brother's wife in a lawless world after a comet has devastated much of earth.
 2202h 0r
Comanche Territory (1950) - action / adventure / western
Silver has been found on comanche territory and the government accomplished a peaceful agreement with the indians...
 2353h 0r
Coroner Creek (1948) - western
A man is bent on taking revenge on those responsible for his fiance's death.
 2070h 0r
Doc West (1982) - western
After bandits steal his poker winnings this American legend makes his way to the next town in search of them...
 2914h 0r
For Robbing The Dead (2011) - western
For Robbing the Dead is a story of compassion - compassion toward those who may seem the least deserving of Christian love...
 1984h 0r
Kid Vengeance (1977) - western
A prospector whose gold was stolen by an outlaw teams up with a kid whose parents were murdered and sister kidnapped by the same outlaw.
 2135h 0r
Last Words (2011) - action / western
After a violent war, one man finds himself shot and waiting for death. As he lies there, he's left to make his toughest choice - whether to live or die. Inspired by the life of Bat Masterson.
 2053h 0r
Mask Of Zorro (1998) - action / adventure / romance / western
The elder Zorro comes out of retirement to train a new Zorro to fight the enemy Montero.
 4168h 0r
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