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Catch-22 (1970) - comedy / war
aka: Catch 22
A man is trying desperately to be certified insane during World War II, so he can stop flying missions.
 8605h 0r
Lion of the Desert (1981) - biography / drama / war
This movie is about Omar Mukhtar, a Muslim and Arabian rebellion who fought against the Italian conquering of Libya in WWI. The movie put a spot of light on this little known replion for the West, and uncover the savage means which the conquering army treated the natives and replions with
 6264h 0r
Atomic Train (1999) - action / thriller / drama / war
A train filled with atomic devices threatens to destroy the city of Denver. John Serger (a train buff) has to prevent this from happening.
 5279h 0r
Ghetto (2006) - war
In 1942, in Vilna, the Nazi annihilate 55,000 Jews and squeeze the 15,000 survivors in a seven blocks ghetto. The twenty-two year old sadistic commander Kittel is assigned to administrate the ghetto in the capital of Lithuania, becoming the master of life or death. When he finds the gorgeous Hayyah sneaking with one kilo of beam stolen from the German army, he sentences her to death; but when he is informed that she was a former successful singer, he decides to activate the old theater and promote shows in the ghetto. The Jew Chief of Police Gens uses the theater and a sewing factory to save as much lives as he can; in his ambiguous position, he kills Jews to save lives of others.
 8242h 0r
Attack On Leningrad (2010) - drama / war
It is 1941, and World War II rages on; the Nazis succeeded in taking over half of Europe and part of Russia until they reached Leningrad. Hitler fails to take Leningrad after a four-month-long offensive in 1941. Hitler realizes that Leningrad could not be taken by force, and now he will surround the city for three years, and starve three million people to death. In the midst of this horrific siege, a young English journalist, Kate Davis, finds herself among surviving Russians within the famished city of Leningrad.
 5547h 0r
Goodnight, Mister Tom (1999) - drama / war
We're in an English village shortly before Dunkirk. "Mr. Tom" Oakley still broods over the death of his wife and small son while he was away in the navy during WWI, and grief has made him a surly hermit. Now children evacuated from London are overwhelming volunteers to house them. Practically under protest, Mr. Tom takes in a painfully quiet 10-year-old, who gradually reveals big problems. William nightly wets the bed. He can't read or write, although he is intelligent and shows artistic talent. He constantly dreads going to hell. Scars cover his back. Mr. Tom soon realizes that his little boarder comes from a horribly abusive home, and determines to provide him a better one. All goes well until William's mother persuades him to return to London for a few days' visit. When Mr. Tom hears nothing from the boy after two weeks, he can endure the loneliness and worry no longer.
 4091h 0r
 5954h 0r
Private Buckaroo (1942) - comedy / musical / romance / war
Those Jumpin Jacks and Jills!

Sisters, Joe E. Lewis, and Donald O'Connor & Peggy Ryan. The film's thin plot has James drafted, and joining him is the band's lead vocalist Lon Prentice (Dick Foran), who doesn't believe that Army training and regulations are necessary for anyone of his skill and fame. Shemp Howard steals the film whenever James and the Andrews aren't performing. As Sgt. Snavely, he's effectively teamed with Mary Wickes as his shrewish fiancée, trying desperately to keep her away from the attentions of nightclub comic and USO performer Lancelot Pringle McBiff (Joe E. Lewis). Shemp also has the opportunity to clown onstage with the Andrews Sisters during a musical finale, as they perform Don't Sit Under the Appletree. Arguably, Shemp's best solo feature film credit.
 6875h 0r
 4409h 0r
How I Won the War (1967) - comedy / war
An inept British WWII commander leads his troops to a series of misadventures in North Africa and Europe.
 4854h 0r
December 7th (1943) - action / history / war
"Docudrama" about the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 and its results, the recovering of the ships, the improving of defense in Hawaii and the US efforts to beat back the Japanese reinforcements.
 3640h 0r
Murphy's War (1971) - drama / war
Murphy is the sole survivor of his crew, that has been massacred by a German U-Boat in the closing days of World War II. He lands on the shore somewhere on the river Orinoco delta and begins to plot his vengeance. He wishes to sink the U-Boat that has floated up by means of any method imaginable to him, and sets about to make the courageous attempt, assisted by Louie, the islands Government Administrator.
 7203h 0r
5 Days of War (2011) - action / drama / war
A drama set centered around the war between Russia and Georgia, and focused on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who become caught in the crossfire.
 7038h 0r
Tigerland (2000) - war
A group of recruits go through Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana's infamous Tigerland, last stop before Vietnam for tens of thousands of young men in 1971.
 6647h 0r
Rescue Dawn (2007) - action / adventure / drama / war
A US Fighter pilot's epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War.
 12939h 0r
Everyman's War (2009) - war
The true story of Don Smith's heroic experience at the Battle of the Bulge while with the 94th Infantry.
 11012h 0r
The Hurt Locker (2008) - action / drama / thriller / war
Iraq. Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly bomb.
 21247h 0r
The Bang Bang Club (2011) - drama / action / biography / history / war
A drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa..
 4195h 0r
Bent (1997) (1997) - drama / history / romance / war
Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). In camp he falls in love with his fellow prisoner Horst, who wears his pink label with pride.
 3723h 0r
Europa (1991) - drama / war
Just after WW2, an American takes a railway job in Germany, but finds his position politically sensitive with various people trying to use him.
 3118h 0r
First To Fight (1967) - drama / war
Jack is the sole survivor of a Japanese attack on his squad at Guadalcanal. Because of his heroism and the fact that he is still alive...
 2932h 0r
Flame And Citron (2008) - drama / crime / history / thriller / war
A drama centered on two fighters in the Holger Danske World War II resistance group.
 7162h 0r
Good Morning Vietnam (1987) - drama / comedy / war
An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam.
 2904h 0r
Hustler Squad (1976) - action / war
World War II: Allied Command learns that in 60 days three Japanese generals and an admiral party at a bordello on a tiny Philippine island...
 2675h 0r
Ike: Countdown To D-Day (2004) - action / drama / adventure / war
IKE: COUNTDOWN TO D-DAY depicts the tense 90 days leading up to the D-Day invasion and how Dwight Eisenhower, against all odds, brilliantly orchestrated the most important military maneuver in modern history.
 3212h 0r
The Big Noise (1944) - action / comedy / adventure / romance / war
During World War II Stan and Ollie find themselves as improbable bodyguards to an eccentric inventor and his strategically important new bomb.
 3106h 0r
Company of Heroes (2013) - action / war
During the last major German offensive of World War II, a company of American soldiers is lost behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge and they make a horrific discovery - Hitler has a super bomb in development. The soldiers soon learn about a secret allied mission to retrieve a defecting German scientist in charge of a Hitler's weapons program. Faced with impossible odds, the company and an escaping POW go on a daring raid into the heart of Nazi Germany in pursuit of the scientist.
 47067h 0r
The Man Who Came To Play (1978) - drama / war
An in-depth examination of the way that the Vietnam war affects the lives of people in a small industrial town in the USA.
 2589h 0r
The Marines Are Coming (1934) - action / drama / romance / war
When Lt. "Wild Bill" Traynor, bad boy of the Marine Corps, arrives at a San Diego Marine Base...
 2484h 0r
The Siege Of Firebase Gloria (1989) - action / drama / war
A tough sergeant and his sidekick roll into a demoralized firebase and proceed to rebuild morale and fortifications in advance of the climactic battle with the VietCong.
 2796h 0r
The Victors (1963) - drama / war
Intelligent, sprawling saga of a squad of American soldiers, following them through Europe during World War II.
 2431h 0r
The Warlords (2007) - action / drama / history / war
It's a heroic tale of three blood brothers and their struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval. It is based on "The Assassination of Ma," a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) story about the killing of general Ma Xinyi. The story was filmed by Zhang Che in 1973 as The Blood Brothers.
 5032h 0r
War Horse (2011) - drama / history / war
Young Albert enlists to serve in World War I after his beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. Albert's hopeful journey takes him out of England and across Europe as the war rages on.
 7241h 0r
War Requiem (1989) - drama / war
A film with no spoken dialogue, just follows the music and lyrics of Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem...
 2915h 0r
Pathfinders In the Company of Strangers (2011) - action / history / war
Pathfinders In the Company of Strangers: Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion, locate and mark strategic "drop zones" and set up the top-secret navigation equipment needed to guide the main airborne assault on D-Day.
 3761h 0r
 1673h 0r
Yesterday's Enemy (1959) - drama / war
Cut off by the Japanese advance into Burma, Captain Langford (Stanley Baker) and his exhausted British troops take over an enemy-held jungle village. Despite the protests of an elderly ...
 1859h 0r
A L'assaut De Juno (2010) - war
Docudrama retelling the Canadian assault of Juno Beach on D-Day, as told via reenactment and through interviews with those who were there.
 2324h 0r
Treto poluvreme (2012) - drama / history / romance / sport / war
Watch Treto poluvreme: Determined to build the best football club in the country, Dimitry hires the German coach, Rudolph Spitz, to galvanize his rag tag team but - when the first Nazi tanks roll through the city and Rebecca, the beautiful daughter of a local banker, elopes with his star player, all Dimitry's plans must change.
 2486h 0r
Operation Belvis Bash (2013) - comedy / music / romance / war
A rock and roll musician travels to Afghanistan to win the hearts and minds of its people.
 2540h 0r
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