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The Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man (2003) - comedy / erotica
Aspiring actor Norman is having trouble being seen in Hollywood. But when he stumbles on an invisibility formula, he finds that not being seen is much more fun.... and all the girls love him! Boldly going where no man has been unseen before, Norman is journeying into a comic adventure of barely visible proportions.
 10450h 0r
 19902h 0r
Hotel Exotica (1999) - erotica / drama
A psychic advises Carly to book a weekend at the Hotel Exotica to put life in her stale marriage to Doug, an over-worked attorney. He tells her he can go, but when he has to work, she goes instead with Rachel, her sister who's recently dumped her philandering boyfriend. Carly and Rachel arrive, they see couples at play, the atmosphere is charged with Eros, and both have dreams that awaken their sensuality. After their first night, Doug and his partner Frank join them, but Doug is still cold. Frank and Rachel don't get along either. Encounters with the resident fortune teller and with the lodge's hostess help get good things started, then it's up to Doug and Frank, Rachel and Carly.
 7021h 0r
Timegate Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999) - sci-fi / erotica
While visiting an historic western town, two beautiful women stumble upon a device that transports them over a century back in time to the Old West. When the girls are mistaken for brothel babes, they get a hankerin' for some real cowboy action! But their erotic recreation with the local cowpokes soon ruffles a few feathers in town- and when the deputy winds up dead, the posse's hot on their tails for some answers! They must go back to their own time, before they're punished for the crime.
 4809h 0r
The Breastford Wives (2007) - erotica
Young married couple Rob and Laura move to the peaceful, friendly town of Breastford and right away are made to feel at home by the welcoming members of the Breastford Womens Association. Rob almost immediately has sex with these three lovelies (as does Laura), but they soon realize that something is amiss, and they discover the reason: Doc Brady, the town's mayor, has invented a device that, at the push of a button, turns women into insatiable, sex-crazed robots.
 33016h 0r
I Am What I Am (1967) - drama / thriller / erotica
aka: aka Col cuore in gola
I Am What I Am: Bernard meets Jane in a Night Club, in London, and he likes her. Her father was killed in a car accident, but Jane thinks he has been killed because he was blackmailed for a picture of his second wife, Jane's mother in law. In the same Night Club Bernard finds the blackmailer corpse and Jane near him, but he believes she is innocent. So Bernard and Jane run away followed by a dwarf, the blackmailer's men, who believe Bernard killed their boss and of course, the Police. They believe that Jerome, Jane's brother, can help them to solve the case. But Jane doesn't know where he is, or so she says. Corpse after corpse, Bernard will find out the truth. But will the truth help him?
 6380h 0r
Improper Conduct (1994) - action / thriller / erotica
Improper Conduct: The Chairman of an advertising company announces the new corporate manager at the company Christmas party - his son-in-law. This is a nightmare to the long time employees, but the nightmare increases when he sexually harasses the good looking women in the company. But after he assaults one in an elevator, she decides to fight back. Hiring an attorney, she takes him to court - and loses. Because of her desperation, she ends up being killed in an auto crash. Her sister then goes undercover at the company to take revenge on the manager.
 5305h 0r
Shelter (2007) - drama / erotica
When his college dreams are sidelined by family obligations, a young man finds comfort in surfing with his best friend's brother.
 12256h 0r
The Image (1975) - drama / erotica
Jean becomes interested in friend Claire's kinky sex with slave Anne.
 12286h 0r
The Mummy's Kiss (2003) - horror / erotica
A disgraced ancient Egyptian sorceress(Ava Niche)is brought back to life in modern day Los Angeles to reclaim an old love in the spirit of a college student(Sasha Peralto).
 14420h 0r
 35075h 0r
Naughty Novelist (2008) - erotica
Darian, a successful print journalist recently moved into a new town, is looking to pick up some choice writing assignments to keep her career on track. Answering a "Writers Wanted" ad in the local newspaper, she is introduced to "Flesh for Fantasy Publications," which specializes in erotic literature for women. Within days Darian's heated imagination conjures up sexually intoxicating storylines that literally set her manuscripts on fire. And as these fictional lesbian encounters play out in her head and on the page, it's just a matter of time before pen touching paper becomes flesh caressing flesh.
 39054h 0r
Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994) - thriller / erotica
aka: Blindfold
Following advice from her therapist, a young woman and her husband try to spice up their flagging marriage by taking part in some kinky bondage games. Meanwhile, the woman's sister, a cop, is hot on the trail of a serial killer with a penchant for blindfolds and handcuffs. Could the two be related?
 7752h 0r
First Love (2010) - erotica
First Love is about love, friendship and following your dreams. This feature length surf film documents....
 3052h 0r
The Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String (2002) - erotica / action
In mythical Diddle Earth, delectable Throbbit Dildo Saggins is sent by the wizard Smirnoff to destroy the legendary G-String, an all-powerful weapon. The G-String brings invincibility and non-stop sexual pleasures to those who possess it, so the race is on to find it!or
In the ancient world of Diddle Earth, the Throbbits enjoy a horny existence in their home of Throbbiton. Dildo Saggins (Misty Mundae) is one of the sex-starved Throbbits, who finds herself approached by an elderly wizard named Smirnoff (scene-stealer Michael R. Thomas) to destroy the dreaded G-String in the mouth of the Party Pooper volcano. However, the quest is long, and quite dangerous, as many other parties want the powerful G-String for themselves, and a potential romp with the lusty trio of Throbbits.
 24151h 0r
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) - erotica / drama / history
Two girlhood friends become sexual rivals at maturity.
 41886h 0r
Lady Beware (1987) - thriller / erotica
Young and good looking Katya, a window dresser for a big department store in Pittsburgh, begins a love story with a journalist, Mac Odell. She is however stalked by Jack, a married man who has a fixation with her. Jack makes Katya's life hellish and when the girl tells his wife about him he becomes wild with fury having been exposed and goes to the store to kill her...
 5207h 0r
The Casino Job (2009) - erotica
Sexy Vegas strippers thought they came up all aces after successfully pulling off a plan to rob a casino. But one member of the team is holding a card that no one sees coming.
 20057h 0r
Survivors Exposed (2001) - erotica
No Food. No Men. No Clothes.
 32467h 0r
The Room (2003) - drama / romance / erotica
Johnny has everything - a successful career, an apartment in San Francisco, his best friend Mark, his fiancée Lisa and a birthday approaching - until Lisa and Mark begin an affair.
 5738h 0r
Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (2008) - erotica
This is the Edited Rated R copy sorry for anyone thinking its the porn version

Pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and his blond first mate, Jules Steel, return where they are recruited by a shady governor general to find a darkly sinister Chinese empress pirate, named Xifing, and her group of Arab cutthroats, whom are trying to resurrect the late Victor Stagnetti, the world's most feared pirate, from the grave to bring on world domination. When Jules is captured and enslaved by the Xifing, Reynolds must rely on his sword-fighting ally, Olivia, to take on the supernatural forces at work surrounding the lethal Xifing.
 69974h 0r
Sex Hex (2007) - comedy / erotica
A benign corporate office suddenly becomes the sexual playground for a lesbian vampire who likes to watch her female victims seduce one another. With a drop-dead gorgeous body and typing skills to match, Monique is the perfect secretary. Her desire to cast fatal spells upon sexy co-workers and spy on their bouts of lovemaking brings her to the attention of Carl - spineless cable guy-turned-fearless vampire hunter.
 21298h 0r
Machine Gun Preacher (2011) - action / crime / erotica
Machine Gun Preacher: The story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers.
 7014h 0r
Virtual Desire (1995) - thriller / erotica
aka: Deseo virtual
Brad's wife Susan is mysteriously murdered. Detective Crank has too many other things to do than find her killer so he tells Brad to do some of his own detective work...
 5076h 0r
Sex with Strangers (2002) - erotica / drama
A documentary film about couples that swing.
 14725h 0r
Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995) - erotica / thriller
TV producer CLAIR ARCHER, charged with the murder of her co-producer, hires top attorney Simon Mitchell to defend her. Though happily married, Simon falls for Clair's seductive wiles and then, in the middle of the trial and the torrid affair, discovers that Clair is guilty. Simon's associate, Lane, finds incriminating evidence against Clair. Simon tries to end the affair. But Clair cleverly sets up Lane so that when Clair kills Simon, Simon's wife suspects Lane -- and shoots her. Clair Archer is judged "not guilty" and walks away free.
 9565h 0r
L'uomo che guarda (1994) - erotica
aka: The Voyeur
At a college in Rome, a professor, nicknamed "Dodo" is in a deep depression. His stunningly beautiful wife has just left him for another man. Dodo wants her back very badly and has erotic daydreams about her. A beautiful young student in his class asks him for a ride home and seduces the lucky man, but still he wonders about his wife and her lover. Wile visiting his father he meets his dad's very sexy live-in nurse who takes care of much more then his broken leg. She tells Dodo of a beautiful young woman whose been having a sexual relationship with his father?
 18683h 0r
Victim of Desire (1995) - erotica / thriller
An SEC agent investigating $70M in missing funds and a murdered businessman gets involved with the man's wife.
 4747h 0r
The Lover (1992) - erotica / drama / biography / romance
aka: L'amant
In 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man, each knowing that knowledge of their affair will bring drastic consequences to each other.
 5097h 0r
I mavri Emmanouella (1980) - erotica
A woman struggles to keep her stepdaughter from harms way after she hires an assassin to kill her husband, but the hitman turns and blackmails her for the crime.
 6849h 0r
Deep Throat (1972) - erotica / comedy
Linda, frustrated that her hugely energetic sex life leaves her unsatisfied, seeks medical help. The doctor informs her that the reason for her problem is that her clitoris is mistakenly located at the back of her throat - but there is a very simple remedy, which the doctor, and various other men, proceed to demonstrate.
 7449h 0r
Watch Me (1995) - erotica / romance
A struggling photographer makes an amazing discovery when a new tenant in his building starts to behave strangely. Paul the landlord and photographer lives with his girlfriend Samantha. A new tenant hopeful named Elise shows up and Paul is somewhat attracted to her from the start. As time wears on Elise starts watching and seeing things with her telescope from her window. Little does she know that while she is a peeping tom someone else is watching her... Watching her every move.
 7565h 0r
Bound Cargo (2003) - erotica / action / horror
aka: White Slave Virgins
Three girls are on the run from a group of disbanded soldiers. Nowhere to go they come across a lonely widow to seek refuge. Risking her life to save the young women the widow only demands erotic pleasure in exchange.
 9686h 0r
The Student Teachers (1973) - erotica / comedy / thriller
A quirky fluffy free-wheeling series of humorous vignettes involving three aspiring student teachers experiences at Valley High School in California. Susan Damante teaches an open-minded but controversial after school class which promotes a healthy up-front attitude about sex. Brooke Mills blows off her hypocritical male chauvinist art teacher lover Richard Doran in order to become more attached to a much more nice and considerate guy in her photography class. Streetwise black student Brenda Sutton pulls off an elaborate scam in which two drug cartels are pitted against each other in order to raise enough money to save a burgeoning learning center from closing down. In the mix of all this we have a crazy rapist raping girls at Valley High.
 6587h 0r
Before Midnight (2013) - erotica
We meet Jesse and Celine nine years on in Greece. Almost two decades have passed since their first meeting on that train bound for Vienna.
 6903h 0r
Animal Instincts (1992) - erotica
A police officer videotapes his wife having various sexual encounters to spruce up their marriage, which soon lands both of them in hot water with a mobster whom blackmails them to videotape an encounter with a crooked politician.
 6843h 0r
Rock the House (2010) - comedy / family / erotica
When Dave opens up his 25th high school reunion invitation to see photos of himself — a person he no longer resembles — he begins reconnecting with old friends, including members of his old high school band, The Groaners.
 5950h 0r
A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine (1966) - drama / erotica
A young woman teases, seduces, and emotionaly destroys young men for her own twisted enjoyment.
 2594h 0r
A Bold Affair (1999) - erotica / thriller
A man's life gets wrecked by a woman with whom he had a casual "affair" over the Internet.
 5046h 0r
Africa Erotica (1970) - erotica / adventure / drama
aka: aka Jungle Erotic
One-shot beauty Carrie Rochelle stars as the hapless heroine Karen who (just like Annie in the later movie) is smooth-talked by a photographer Robert (slimy "hero" Darr Poran) into traveling as his model for a fashion shoot in Uganda and Tanzania. This occasions many idiotic scenes with the native fauna, silliest of which is the stars fighting with a snake intent on squeezing them to death. You don't need the MST3K boys to make fun of this junk.
 7903h 0r
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